A: Blade Shine
Q: Describe your style of Music?
A: street emotional
Q: Explain what your name means? 
A: i have been sharped by lifes .hardships an i use it as away to spread light of knowledge to those that think. that the street life is fun kool or otherwise the right way to go
Q: What city and state are you representing?
A: i was rasied in flrodia but bron in new jersey so i rep for the North an south
Q: Describe your style of singing or rapping? 
A: unique .a cross between .bone thugs an .dmx
Q: Who inspired you to pursue a music career? 
A: my father
Q: What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music?
A: growing up in foster care .i was beaten an abuse an spent many yearsbin grouphomes an institutions
Q: Describe your feelings when you’re recording music in the studio?
A: it comes from with end after every trackna eight is lifted off my shoulders
Q: What is the message behind your music? 
A: that .being a gangsta is not about shoting selling durgs or anything that most ppl think it is but bout up lifting our ppl
Q: What do you fear the most in this business? 
A: being taken for granted an that people will not listen
Q: Are you excited to be featured in RNH Magazine? 
A: supper its an honor to be working with. RNH Magazine
Q: How can people reach you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & etc? 
A: on instagram its Blade_Shine941 .on facebook its Blade Shine. ti
Q: Name of Track being aired? 
Q: Twitter Link?
A: https://twitter.com/@Bladeshine55
Q: Instagram Link?
A: https://www.instagram.com/blade_shine941/
Q: Facebook Link? 
A: https://www.facebook.com/blade.shine.522
Q: Soundcloud Link to your profile? 
A: https://soundcloud.com/jay-raysor
A: https://soundcould.com/jay-raysor/struggle-master