A: Jun Fargo
Q: Describe your style of Music?
A: Trap Soul
Q: Explain what your name means? 
A: It means art
Q: What city and state are you representing?
A: Springfield Massachusetts
Q: Describe your style of singing or rapping? 
A: Trap soul pop R&B
Q: Who inspired you to pursue a music career? 
A: Drake and Tory Lanez
Q: What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music?
A: Poverty
Q: Describe your feelings when you’re recording music in the studio?
A: Energetic and powerful
Q: What is the message behind your music? 
A: Anything is possible if you work for it
Q: What do you fear the most in this business? 
A: Idols Turing in to rivals
Q: Are you excited to be featured in RNH Magazine? 
A: Yes
Q: How can people reach you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & etc? 
A: @junfargo
Q: Name of Track being aired? 
A: Tory Lanez
Q: Twitter Link?
A: https://twiter.com/junfargo1
Q: Instagram Link?
A: https://www.instagram.com/junfargo/?hl=en
Q: Facebook Link? 
A: https://www.facebook.com/junfargo/
Q: Soundcloud Link to your profile? 
A: https://soundcloud.com/junfargo
Q: YouTube link to your VIDEO? 
A: https://youtu.be/Rsu5FBBIN48
A: https://soundcloud.com/junfargo/tory-lanez