11960126_937582726309671_6173882674307880217_nMr Loc Fo Real! is a hip hop recording artist and president of Stay Focus’d Music. He is from E. Palo Alto CA a city located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He got his feet wet when he began rapping with some neighborhood friends. They would perform at house party’s and local car shows. As time went on Mr Loc Fo Real branched out and formed his own rap group with his cousin and a friend. They went on to perform in venues on the West Coast and Vancouver BC. Opening up for gold and platinum recording artists. After the group disbanded.
Mr Loc Fo Real! began work on his Bay Anthem EP. Which includes the club banger “Tear the Club Up”. “Bay Anthem” is building quite a buz on internet radio and social media websites alike. The single is being played on internet radio stations across the country and the globe with great reviews. The music video is currently #1 on California Music Channel’s the Beat Lounge. The Bay Anthem music video premiered on hiphopdx this past October and was recently featured on Sidewalks TV Show in the Bay Area. Which airs on Comcast.
The music video was picked up by other Sidewalks TV affiliates in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. Mr Loc Fo Real has won two Akademia Music Awards for the Bay Anthem single. One for best hip hop/pop song and the single also won for best West Coast hip hop song. He has done interviews with tocsin magazine, urban teen magazine, the urban buzz, indie power and more. Mr Loc Fo Real! seems to be headed in the right direction for the upcoming 2016!
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