What is your artist name?

Beezy Archibald

Explain what your name means?

The name Beezy was given to me by a close friend who passed away so I use it to pay homage to one of the few who believed in me and what I do. I took Archibald from the first “Transformers” movie where the character, Archibald Witwiky was the man who discovered the “All Spark” which gives life to the Transformers. I knew I needed something different that stood out and I light a spark, set fire to, and give life to everything I hop on so I had to do it!

What city and state are you representing?

I was born in Greer, South Carolina and I currently reside in Spartanburg, SC.

Describe your style of singing or rapping?

I ride the beat. That’s my thing. Give the beat what it needs to be great, whatever style, singing or rapping so, my style is best described as “I go in.”

Who inspired you to pursue a music career?


What challenges did you face as a youth in pursuit of your music dream?

I’m still young and still facing challenges but the biggest has always been getting people to listen and support when most are hooked to the radio and staying consistent through all of life’s curve balls and ups and downs.

Describe your feelings when you’re recording music in the studio?

When I’m in the lab I feel free, almost like I can spread my wings and fly. I like to convey my energy in song to the fullest so It’s a must I feel lifted and loose enough to let go and give the fans the real me.

What is the message behind your music?

Be 100% you and no less.

What do you fear the most in this business?

Nothing. Fear only hinders you from your full potential.

Are you excited to be featured in RNH Magazine?

Absolutely! I’m always excited about any new opportunity or experience.

How can people reach you on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & etc?

You can find me @BeezyArchibald EVERYWHERE! Google me!

Name of Track being aired:

Beezy Archibald – RNS

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