MMM: Don’t Call It A Comeback!!!

On Nov 4, 2015, Puff Daddy said this:

King of New York
John Gotti issues
Chanel sneakers
Maserati issues
You coming to party
Bring those Bugattis with you
Let’s hop on this jet and go to Marnie Crystal
But bring that silk suit from Armani with you
You can roll with money making
There’s an army with you
But back in the states
On 8th when you come through
Nigga, bring a mufuckin phone
With you I’m talking whips

I’m talking bitches
You can see the picture
You ain’t gotta take the picture
Spend the money nigga
Nigga you can’t take it with ya
They hatin’ on ya
Cause they can’t make it with ya
So they stand there and they try to fake it with ya
No rings, actin’ like the Bulls and the Lakers with ya
Go ahead nigga, get some paper with ya
Forty mules and a acre with ya
MSG front row, MGM front row
All I do is get bitches, get money, want more
I’mma make it with ya, let that ciroc flow

These are the lyrics to his track “Harlem” from his MMM sonic motion picture. As I mentally digest his signature sound via Apple Music and my Beats Pill, I smile gently because I can feel myself within his voice. “Harlem” is a distinctive reminder of how “Puffy” and his Hitmen production team changed and influenced pop and hip hop culture forever. PUFFY-3When I hear “Two in the morning, flying through Harlem, I’m the flyest nigga in Harlem, I ain’t got no problem with money, money’s a problem,” and the sounds of the motorcycle engine racing on the beat, it feels like a studio session with the original Hitmen production team in 1997 Trinidad. Puffy has always made people physically recognize his artistic vision. A born visionary, no one creates visual pathways like Combs—no one is even within striking distance. Puffy makes the feeling of pain seem vital and the thrill of success inevitable. You can’t put a label on his music; only he can do that himself. MMM is the sound of Badboy and this sonic motion picture re-creates the hustler’s blueprint for 2015. Puffy understands that perfect energy blended with natural talent equals greatness and I feel the true beauty of his work is his ability to capture the emotional spirit of a track and then enmesh his trademark visionary fingerprint. I’m writing this article in the back of my chauffeured Maybach 57 and I instruct my driver to hit Collins Avenue on South Beach as I examine the entire body of MMM.

The track “Everyday,” featuring the incomparable collaboration of Jadakiss, Styles P, and Pusha T, embodies the ultimate recipe of God Flow gumbo. When Jadakiss releases his lyrical championship combo, it reads like this:
Money-making ability
Theme music to the Godfather trilogy
Yeah, I just do it for the thrill in me
Come through and facilitate the facility
Walk out on a tab, they try billing me
Caught a plug on a diesel, that’s from the Philippines
Start asking yourself “damn, how good is he
To make it look so simple?” but how could it be?
Specially when the work is enormous
Proper preparation, perfect performance
Never let ’em over-exert your endurance
A liability really can hurt your insurance
This is the hustler’s thesis
Money accumulates but the product decreases
All types of weed, coke and hashishes
Move it without touching it, telekinesis

Jadakiss will always be T5DOA in my eyes, and on this track he reinforced his Yonkers hustler’s spirit and gave the new youth a glimpse of what their lyrics should represent.

I take a shot of DeLeón Platinum Tequila and instruct my driver to speed up as Styles P’s verse on the track evokes hip hop youth during the early 90s. The humble and calculated legendary poet voices his truth by saying:

Pray for the sight and light pot
Death is certain and life’s not
If I’m in the booth then you know that the mic hot
If I’m in a cyph, who could tell what I might drop?
My context complex
I’m just playing god in the devil’s contest
Are you cursed or blessed when you take your last breath?
With your first one, let me dumb down, get the verse done
Walk with the angels and demons, I’m not the first one
Soul’ll be out of my body before the hearse come
Dig me, then you’re used to the witty
Old soul, I was here when Medusa was pretty
New York nigga, roof of the city, I’m in the coupe looking pretty
I got work, I still move with the biggie
Playing 10 crack amendments, it’s never a lack of hammers
This is called painting the picture without a canvas

Whoa! The last line of his verse expresses the point that only a few MCs can wear the crown. Styles P’s crown is custom-made.
The DeLeón Tequila is putting me in an ultra-hyper mood and my aggression increases. I ask my driver Romello how’s he doing and he smoothly replies, “8 more than 92,” and smiles at me through the mirror.

Pusha T’s verses have a crazy way of making me feel like I grew up selling drugs with him in Virginia. He’s the immaculate version of “rawness without mistakes.”  His verse on “Everyday” pushes the boundaries and provides the final edgy touches for balancing out the track. Pusha T is Kobe-like on this final verse, and his truth reads like this:

They say I’m overrated when they weigh in
The fish outgrew the pond that a nigga play in
It’s like a blowout but the starter just wanna stay in
When you rap about the shit you simultaneously weigh in
I’m tryna find peace for the love of my brother
Who dodged the white powder, I couldn’t, I’m covered
The price of blood diamonds is killing our cousins
While high blood sugar just killing my mother
Two bezels later and another Porsche
It’s midnight, the sunrise leather says the Devil Lost
Daytona wing at the dealership
Drug money in the back office, get the peeling shit
Wooo! I ain’t never been platinum, nigga
Yuugh! Every car since was platinum, nigga
Wooo! More liquid than you rapper niggas
Only Mister was a blacker nigga
Colour purple on the label
Off-white all over the table like a sable
Sniff, when your curse is your gift
Your nitch get deported like Arizona rich, he’ll be back

IMG_4608Man, when Pusha T says “more liquid than you rapper niggas,” I can feel his booth energy all the way on South Beach. Pusha T never needs to compromise his lyrical direction or apologize to make his voice heard. The MMM sonic motion picture feels like the ’98 Bulls championship victory: Like Jordan did Byron Russell with the infamous hand push-off, Puffy had to do the same with the current state of music—push off and hit the game winning shot again! Michael Jordan said he only counts championships and Puffy only counts platinum hits.

We should never question the seamless brilliance of Sean John Combs and wonder if he still has the Midas touch. When you examine his run in the game, nobody has impacted pop culture and redefined the role of black success like Combs has. His bucket list started November 4, 1969, and he was destined for everything from launching Bigge to running the NYC marathon to being the most watched billboard in Times Square.  Puff Daddy NWO2 may be your last album, but your HITMEN production will last forever. Music marks time and MMM is another phenomenal moment in the history of hip hop. Mr. Combs, I’m glad you’re alive. #GODSENTYOUHERETOINSPIREANDTEACH.

This article was written by Jonathan P-Wright, a contributor for Popular Magazine and host of the Million Dollar Mindset Talk Show with TALKTOCHELYNN and EAE Radio. This material may not be reproduced or distributed without proper credit granted to Popular Magazine and TALKTOCHELYNN.