Money, power, and respect are a few of the components which describe Khadiyah Lewis. Khadiyah Lewis is the definition of “self-made” and is redefining the role of young women on reality TV everywhere. She is educated, hyper-focused, compassionate, and unapologetically relentless in her approach to life. Khadiyah’s early roots depict struggle, pain, independence, and sheer triumph along her journey. From walking the streets of Tallahassee and experiencing educational gems from FAMU to earning her Business Degree from GSU to running a full-scale investment firm serving clients nationwide. Entrepreneur, accountant, motivational speaker, and now reality TV star.Khadiyah has become one of the main breakout stars of the hit TV franchise “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” On screen, Khadiyah is never shy or lacking confidence when it comes to her morals and values. She shines in every scene and never loses focus of the most important ingredient of success: staying true to her foundation. Most reality stars become lost in the drama and compromise their entire soul and brand. Khadiyah blends perfectly with the reality TV world and has masterfully leveraged the platform to showcase her multi-layered career and lifestyle in a positive spotlight. Balancing work, life, and celebrity is an around-the-clock job and Khadiyah’s early success is a testament to her strong infrastructure and faith-based outlook. Khadiyah is currently conducting entrepreneurial workshops around the country. These face-to-face sessions highlight Khadiyah’s commitment and dedication to empower and educate the millennials of our society. Khadiyah’s non-profit organization Lovely & Blessed was created in 2013 and focuses on improving the health, happiness, spirituality, and emotional and physical welfare of young women nationwide.

header_image_7The foundation has specific behavioral techniques designed to quickly develop and cultivate positive building blocks within each woman’s core values.  Khadiyah is far from perfect and she is humble enough to understand the value of change. One of her constant quotes is “I’M A WORK IN PROGRESS!” Khadiyah was recently interviewed on the “Million Dollar Mindset” with TalktoChelynn and reminded all of us that no one will ever stand in the way of her “blueprint.” In 2015, the emergence of Khadiyah is real, so stay tuned and watch her soar to unthinkable heights.

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