The Mastermind of Lord Daze

The primary objective in chess is to checkmate your opponent’s king. When a king cannot avoid capture then it is checkmated and the game is immediately over. The game is considered a draw when the player to move has no legal moves and his king is not in check. The life of Lord Daze has been one hell of a chess game and his king has remained unchecked. However, like any good chess game, all of his previous moves have come with great sacrifice, pain, and triumph. His humble and calculated tone is the perfect cover for his lion heart and relentless spirit. Lord Daze’s life has always been on two strikes with no plan B and his best moves are always created during the moment. The concrete jungle of NYC is brutal and survival of the fittest is the true street-code. untitled

During the early years of Lord Daze, he countered the usual terrors of the inner-city ghettos and experienced loss, despair, missed opportunities, physical pain, and more in the heartless streets of the Bronx. Lord Daze has always possessed an uncanny ability to instantly connect with people when meeting them in person. When you look into his eyes it’s easy to become lost because his soul beams through his retinas. The energy that follows him is electric and causes anyone to listen, consider, believe, and follow.

Lord Daze has been an uncontrollable force in the underground world of entertainment since the early 2000s. Labeled “Mr. Most-Wanted” by his music peers and fellow executives, Lord Daze has been featured on Cocaine City Vol. 6 & 8, blasted on HOT97 by DJs Camillo and Envy, and was the first underground artist to create and release his own magazine imprint to allow underground talent to have a voice. Daze’s superior skill of transitioning between corporate boardrooms to underground nightclubs is a rare talent. The balance between understanding the streets and being in the streets is something most entrepreneurs originating from eat-or-be-eaten environments can never fully master.CSU0IoUXAAER6IV

In 2015, life for Lord Daze is organic, riveting, sleepless, inspiring, and most of all relentless in the pursuit of a greater tomorrow for his team. Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine & Entertainment is an unconventional and fearless business model designed to disrupt, alter, change and inspire the next generation of executives, dream-chasers, visionaries, creators, and rebel leaders of change. Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine is a written soundtrack for the lifestyles of celebrities, the guy from the block, the girl next door, the dreamer in college, and the kid standing atop his Bronx project building and planning his NYC takeover!

The journalism of the magazine is matchless and pushes the envelope of humanity and pop culture worldwide. Each article highlights a unique story and journey of an individual, company, or movement. Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine is another piece on the chessboard of Daze’s life and like always, his king will remain unchecked.

The entire staff at TALKTOCHELYNN, Popular Magazine, Renegade Revolt, Emansangels, and SVMarketing, LLC salute your grind and movement in 2015! #ICONIC32 #BEREADYFORTHEMOMENT