Shay-Johnson7Theme music for this article provided by Justin Timberlake: album The 20/20 Experience; song “Tunnel Vision,” and LL Cool J: album Mama Said Knock You Out; song: “Around The Way Girl.”

The futuristic track “Tunnel Vision” by Justin Timberlake (produced by Timberland) is blaring through the speakers in my hotel suite as I gaze deeply at images of Shay Johnson. The Fontainebleau Hotel always provides me with rare introspective thoughts and exposes the real truth within my articles. Black Cherry Effen Vodka, Yankee candles burning smells of complete pleasure, custom clothing by World of Alfa (Boris Kodjoe’s brand), and Stripsteak cuisine provided by Michael Mina all set the mood for my Shay Johnson experience.


As I casually sip my Effen Vodka, I’m totally amazed by the eyes of Shay Johnson. The eyes are the window to the soul and they reveal a lot if you pay close attention. Shay Johnson’s life is filled with God, pain, struggle, deceit, love, and new beginnings. Most young black TV personalities have their fifteen minutes of fame and never extend beyond that moment. Shay Johnson is a born child of promise.


Deeply rooted in family values and life-sustaining principles, she has managed to avoid common Hollywood stereotypes and create a brand built for the long run. When you listen to Shay Johnson discuss her passion for life and business, her controlled confidence is ultra-electric and creates an infectious vibe. In a dark, crowded room you could still see the fire in Shay Johnson’s eyes and it makes sense why compromising her soul and brand has never been an option.
Since 2006 Shay Johnson has revealed her truth and life story in front of over five million people per year. Reality TV is a very cold and calculated process and very few ascend to the real height of their potential. The open-door policy Shay has maintained with mainstream media has played to her ultimate advantage. The lifestyle of Shay Johnson has forced mainstream media to re-evaluate their views and judgments towards her brand and career.


Even when she’s searching for love before four million people, she never wavers from her inborn instincts and learned values. Since 2006 (almost ten years previous), Shay Johnson has maintained a social media network boasting over 1.5 million people, flourishing business ventures, philanthropic initiatives with cancer research companies, and the engineering of a new health-conscious mentality within Young America.


IMG_2359The “cool factor” of Shay Johnson is that she’s never relied on the moment to define her real greatness. She’s always understood her position and how reality needs to be. When people walk up to Shay Johnson on the streets, she’s treated like a well-known rapper from the block. Dudes give her constant fist-pounds and head nods, and of course her body gets the usual full-eye inspection. However, the ladies share their lives with her and discuss how much they admire her on-screen strength and resiliency in this hip hop Hollywood game.


A real queen or empress commands adoration, jealousy, respect, fear, and most of all love from the public. Everything she’s apart of generates an organic chemistry of success and feeds her overall fan base. Every scene you watch of her leaves you mesmerized and craving more. When most people just turn up on reality TV to earn a spot, Shay Johnson naturally adapts her lifestyle in front of the camera without compromise.
I change my song of choice to LL Cool J’s “Around The Way Girl” to match the changing of my mood with the Black Cherry Effen Vodka. These lyrics are sick and define the simple beauty of Shay Johnson in every way:


Silky, milky her smile is like sunshine
That’s why I had to dedicate at least one rhyme
To all the cuties in the neighborhood
Cause if I didn’t tell you then another brother would
You’re sweet like sugar with your gangster talk
Want to eat you like a cookie when I see you walk
With your rayon, silk or maybe even denim
It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re in them
You can break hearts and manipulate minds
Or surrender, act tender, be gentle and kind
You always know what to say and do
Cold flip when you think your man is playing you
Not cheap but petty
You’re ready for loving
You’re real independent so your parents be bugging
But if you ever need a place to stay
(Oooh you love me)
Come around my way

There are so many unwritten chapters in the life of Shay Johnson. She’s launching her own fitness channel on the OVNIO Cable Network, producing short films, preparing her nonprofit cancer organization, and more. Young, humble, hungry, gentle, and always in beast-mode, Shay Johnson is totally UNLEASHED in 2016!

This article is the sole property of TALKTOCHELYNN, Renegade Revolt, and Popular Magazine and was written by Jonathan P-Wright. Mr. Wright is the host of the internationally syndicated Million Dollar Mindset Talk Show and freelance writer for Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine, Popular Magazine, and ITL Celebrity.