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It’s hard for many to believe that a young woman who has fought a thousand battles is still standing through all her tears, broken heart, betrayals, abandonment and rejections she had to face both in her personal life and as an artist and songwriter in the music business.  Wadena, the former recording artist of MBK Entertainment is coming back strong and setting out to top the charts, grace the stage and rewrite the big screen.  She is a one of a kind superstar breathing new life into the culture of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop and Reggae. 

The New York-Based R&B Singer and Songwriter “Wadena” is celebrating her Birthday with the independent release of her back-to-school dance single “Let’s Get It,”  on August 31st, 2015.  It also marks Wadena’s 15-year Anniversary album kick off with the “Triple Play” single package of Let’s Get It and two unreleased studio recorded remixes of P.Diddy’s “Missing You” and Luther Ingram “If Loving You Is Wrong.”  All the real R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae lovers will enjoy Wadena’s birthday releases.

Wadena have been songwriting and ghostwriting in this music business for many years, including for celebrity Grammy Award winners Alicia Keys and Usher Raymond.  As a formerly Recording Artist under Alicia Keys and Jeff Robinson over at MBK Entertainment, Wadena also had the great opportunity to work on songwriting projects for the “VOICE” television show winner “Jermaine Paul, his former group Focus, Hip Hop’s pioneers Naughty By Nature and more.

After a season of pain, betrayal and frustration, the singer and songwriter is already finding significant success through various outlets to promote her music.  While Wadena’s birthday release of new single will be the first step taken towards the reinventing of herself to connect with her fans and the world on a more personal level. The singer is finally opening up to share her story on “behind the music” through her 15-year anniversary celebration.  Where fans and the world can personally have a connection with Wadena and know her experience as a recording artist and songwriter in the music business. Her video diaries and exclusive interviews will be shared with the world as she prepares for the upcoming release of her anniversary album.  Wadena truly have a very inspiring story that can encourage upcoming artist and songwriters to keep moving forward through faith in God to reach your destiny.

Recently, Wadena had suffered multiple physical injuries, including a serious head injury and contusion to the face.  She developed vertigo dizziness, swelling, shaking, headaches and unable to stand or walk with balance.  She also had to undergo treatment for the head injury and currently is still under doctor’s care.  The new trauma Wadena experienced was a very sad one, especially since she also recently had a miscarriage.  Due to the seriousness of her injuries and stress.  However, Wadena did not allow any new setbacks to stop her from moving forward as the haters and critics tried to use yet another circumstance as a weapon in attempt to convince her to forget about having a career in music.  She continued to pray and immediately notice God’s healing throughout her body, mind and soul.

“Prayer surely changes things.  God holds my destiny and not man.  People I trusted and allowed close within my circle violated my trust, me and showed they were not loyal.  But the devil can’t convince me to give up on my dreams.  God is my everything and not man,” said singer Wadena. 
The singer spent the last 10 years of her life caught up in high profile celebrity music beef’s and legal controversies over her music.  Now it’s time for the world to get to know the truth about what really happened in the life and music career of Wadena for the last 15-years.  While her music beef’s and controversies were publicized in headline news such as TV shows Access Hollywood, Extra, Celebrity Justice and more.  Blogs, magazines and newspapers such as All Hip Hop.com , Haitian Beatz, New York Post and hundreds of others.  The music beefs caused years of a hiatus in Wadena’s music career.  Where the celebrities involved, their music publishers and MBK Entertainment had decided to put Wadena on the shelf since pulling her “Caught Up” album project because of Wyclef Jean, Alicia Keys and Usher Raymond’s Confessions album with no intentions of ever releasing music for her as an artist.“Going through such betrayal by record label executives and celebrities you trusted to help you have a breakthrough season in this music business is a hurtful feeling for an artist and songwriter like me,” said Wadena.  The singer’s former co-manager Roberta Pyatt (mother) was also a target by her adversaries during the music beef. Wadena’s mother had a stroke before Sony Music Entertainment Executives, celebrities and attorneys that was  caused by the  intimidation tactics and stress.
“After all the wrong done to my family and I, it was nice to see one of the celebrities take the first step in forgiveness and making peace.  I have much respect for Grammy Award Winning Producer “Jerry Duplessis (Wonda) for taking such steps. Jerry Wonda let me know that he does want to see me have success in my music career.  He said God Bless You and one day we can sit down to have a meeting about making music.  Jerry Wonda knows God and is a great guy!  He wasn’t concerned about what happened yesterday but of moving forward in a positive manner to help me as an artist, said Wadena. 
Wadena began singing in her church of Mt. Sinai Baptist Cathedral Young People’s Choir at the age of seven (7) years old.  She was given her first solo to sing “I got to move on up the mountain and pull the devil down.”

It was not long before she became the lead vocalist and choir director for the young people.  By the age of eleven (11) years old, Wadena started writing and arranging original music compositions.  During this time, Star Talent Agency signed her and began marketing her talents.  As her high school marching band Drum Majorette, Wadena is noted for introducing hip-hop, reggae and r&b with dance chorography into their performances.  Nassau County residents and high school band programs throughout Long Island, New York were intrigued by her contributions and adapted the Roosevelt Rough Riders marching band sound and style.  New York’s popular hip hop radio host Dr. Dre and Ed Lover heard about Wadena’s marching band and invited them to perform in their Hempstead parade and special event.

The singer is also noted for her lead role in directing and performing in Roosevelt JR/SR High School talent show with her group  as “SPARKLE,” SINGING “GIVING HIM SOMETHING HE CAN FEEL” in their tailored made red dresses.  Roosevelt high school is the place where many celebrities first graced the stage during the talent show such as actor Eddie Murphy, Charlie Murphy, Radio and TV Host Howard Stern, Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame Hip Hop Legends Public Enemy Rap Group and many others. Wadena was voted most popular, most involved and homecoming queen for her senior class.  She represented the entire school district as Homecoming Queen and was the first to be selected to compete in New York State Homecoming Queen’s Pageant. 

In addition to Wadena’s exciting new beginnings with her music career, this did not stop her from succeeding in academics and growing up to become a well-known civil rights, political and community advocate of New York.   Wadena received numerous awards and recognitions for her community, civil rights and political leadership.  The multi-golden child was the youngest to be elected and served for years as the NYS/Nassau County Democratic Party Deputy Legislative District 1 Leader, Zone Leader and President of the New Roosevelt Democratic Club.

Wadena also served for 9-years on the NAACP Executive Committee as 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Legal Redress Committee Chair, Education Committee Chair and Civic Engagement Committee Chair.  Wadena helped developed youth and adult programs for non-profit organizations that incorporated artist development and music. She teamed up with professional recording artist, music industry business representatives and elected officials in efforts to make society recognize the importance of music.  Wadena continued to advocate for all artist to be treated fairly with compensation amongst record labels and due process in copyright infringement case proceedings filed through state and federal courts.  In the picture below Wadena received awards from her employers of Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray, Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby, Mayor Wayne Hall, of Hempstead and NY State/Nassau County Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs. She is also in photographs with two of the most powerful government officials of New York State while campaigning for Governor Andrew Cuomo, with NYS Speaker of Assembly  Sheldon Silvers and Deputy Speaker of Assembly Earlene Hooper. Former President Bill Clinton was in town to work  NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo campaign with all the top NYS Democratic Party leaders that included singer Wadena.  She is also seen in photo will her NAACP Executive Committee friends.  Wadena bought out hundreds of volunteers under her leadership to work numerous campaigns and honored them for their contributions. 
Wadena studied political science and received her BA degree from West Virginia Wesleyan College.  She is a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA), who was voted the #1 female sorority and fraternity in the nation. Wadena is also the first African American from her school district of Long Island, New York to work for Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  Congresswoman McCarthy wrote a letter of appreciation and recommendation to the Nassau County Democratic Party for Wadena’s leadership role in helping her get re-elected in a close political race against her republican candidate.

Over the years, Wadena had worked for and with many governments elected officials, including judges.  Wadena has 16-years of government work experience from the local, state and federal levels.  She managed, supervised and worked on many historical and successful political campaigns such as President Barack Obama, Governor Andrew Cuomo of NY, Former NY Governor David Patterson, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, Congresswoman Kathleen Rice, Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton, NY State Deputy Speaker Earlene Hooper, NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Nassau County Legislators, NY judges and more.  She helped NYS Democratic Party win big in key elections and bought out hundreds of volunteers to work the campaigns and voter registrations from the African American communities under her leadership.   She did the same for the NAACP voter registration campaigns.

Wadena managed one of Long Island, New York Democratic Party Headquarters and campaign for the re-election of President Barack Obama.


In 2000, Wadena created an immediate  buzz for herself throughout the music industry by performing at showcases of singing R&B over straight hip hop tracks.  She was compared to many record label executives and celebrity recording artist to the great Mary J. Blige.  While working for Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, Wadena met the celebrity rap artist and representatives of Ruff Ryders Record Label.  During the Ruff Ryders and Cash Money Millionaires tour outside of her condo complex in Arlington, Virginia.  She began to sing for the Ruff Ryders and made network connections.  Wadena continued to hang out with the Ruff Ryders when they were on tour and a clipping of her with the artist appeared on the television show “Yo MTV Raps.”

Upon her return to New York, Wadena received a phone call from the Artist & Repertoire Department of Ruff Ryders to set up a meeting.  She also was being managed and artist developed by rock-n-roll of fame hip hop legends “Public Enemy Rap Group.”  Wadena was offered her first recording deal opportunity through Ruff Ryders and their A&R’s were in contact with Public Enemy about signing her.  Record labels started to take notice of Wadena as an artist and songwriter in 2001, such as Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Records, J-Records, MBK Entertainment, Ruff Ryders, Wyclef Jean & Jerry Duplessis (Wonda) Refugee camp, Ruff Stuff, Slip-n-Slide Records, Badboy Entertainment, Blackground Records, Rick Wade Productions/Cove City Sound Studios, Logic Music, Gospel Record labels and a host of independent record companies.

Wadena’s management approached her about a great opportunity of songwriting for celebrity rapper “Wyclef Jean” first solo album. At the time, one of the members of her management was an employee of rapper Wyclef Jean, his record label and the middle man for the songwriting opportunity.  Wyclef Jean was given a copy of Wadena’s demo of songs by her management to take a listen.  Wadena was very happy to hear positive feedback that Wyclef Jean was interested in using her work and possibly signing her as a recording artist and songwriter.  However, when told by management that Wyclef Jean requested to change the production and rewrite her ballot into a duet to be sung between a male and female with a more urban feel, Wadena had some concerns.  Wadena and her management had a disagreement over the song “Two Wrongs.”  She refused to allow Wyclef Jean to use her music if she was not the female artist featured on the song with him and signed to a record deal.  As Hip hop’s Haitians Beatz Magazine reported about the Wyclef Jean and Wadena music beef.  Wadena wanted guaranteed commitment that she will be introduced as a recording artist by the producing and releasing of a single for her by Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda.  In and or around the early 2000’s, Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda were producing back to back Grammy Award winning hit records for celebrity artist, including friends from her hometown “The Product G&B” with the legendary Carlos Santana entitled “Maria Maria.” 

In 2002, Wadena received a phone call from one of her friends requesting to know did she sell her song to Wyclef Jean.  After she heard Wyclef Jean’s single Two Wrongs featuring Claudette Ortiz, of the television show R&B Divas LA playing on the radio.  Wadena told her friend no that she did not sell her music to Wyclef Jean.  She then turned on the radio and heard Two Wrongs playing for herself.  At this moment, Wadena started crying due to the fact of realizing that she had been deceived by management and her songs were stolen.  Celebrity Justice TV show covered the music beef between Wyclef Jean and Wadena in 2005.  The television show also shared with the nation that Wadena’s copyright predated Wyclef Jean’s copyright.  The music beef was covered nationally all over the world.  Thanks to news reporters investigating the legal matter, Wadena later found out that everybody involved were still getting paid off of her creative works, accept her.  While wrong was being done against her over payola through the courts and attorneys paid to do underhanded work in the legal matters and keeping Wadena out of the public.

After the music beef hit the streets and national media broadcasting through mainstream news, radio, including on Celebrity Justice TV Show, Access Hollywood and others, Sony Music Entertainment immediately contacted Wadena to meet with her about a record deal and settlement.  Wadena’s attorneys also contacted her into their office to meet. They demanded of Wadena to sign Sony Music Entertainment confidentiality agreement to waive all of her rights, including not accepting any interviews, book deals or speaking about the matter in the pubic.  The singer former attorney David Sutton, ESQ., then told her that by signing this confidentiality agreement she will be waiving all her legal rights and giving up her songwriting publishing and copyrights of the songs in dispute, along with other materials requested.  Mr. Sutton also informed Wadena that she will be agreeing to a publishing deal and taking only $10,000.

Wadena wasn’t naïve as people in this music business and the attorneys thought about her.  She told her attorney no that she will not sign anything like this without her mentor and settlement attorney “Williams (Bill) Krasilovsky, ESQ making the contract deals.  Wadena  also reminded her litigation attorney that her famous mentor attorney Bill Krasilovsky, ESQ agreed to handle all the settlement dealings for her at both Sony Music Entertainment and the federal judge request because of his experience in such areas of music. Bill Krasilovsky, ESQ was truly a help to Wadena.   He is a super great attorney who have always been of a help to most signed and unsigned artist of today, especially  through his famous #1 selling book entitled “This Book of Music.”  Wadena made several mistakes of decisions in this music business.  But Bill Krasilovsky, ESQ taught Wadena copyright law, how to prepare and gather evidence in these types of cases when up against the rich copyright owner. He also taught Wadena to be smart in this music business when it comes to all contract dealings and to learn from her mistakes made.  “You trust no one in this music business and always protect your creative works,” said Bill.  “I only wished to have seek legal advice from Bill before jumping too fast in making decisions in this music business on my own without him, ” said Wadena.

Daid Sutton, ESQ (former lead litigation attorney) became very upset at Wadena, her family and Attorney Krasilovsky, ESQ.  Mr. Sutton started throwing chairs, cursing, and calling Wadena a stupid naïve and little girl.  Who did not have a clue as to what people where doing to her.  He also called Wadena and her family racist names and trying to provoke a fight with Wadena’s uncle because the singer refused to allow him to trick her into signing the wrong deal and allowing him to steal all of the settlement monies that should had been paid to the singer.  Wadena had to threaten her attorney about calling the police on him for violating her as a client  just because she did not want to sign Sony Music Entertainment Confidentiality agreement and offers without allowing Mr. Krasilovsky, ESQ to handle such dealings.  Bill said “behind every great song is a story.”  Behind Usher’s Confessions album of songs such as Caught Up, My Boo and Wyclef Jean’s Two Wrongs is surely a story that involving Wadena .  Attorneys who are not in the field of music supposedly representing singer Wadena, who became celebrity star struck and greed for money.  The celebrity artist involved chose to allow the attorneys to take monies from them instead of just contacting the singer Wadena directly and working things out with her.

Wadena young attorney Anthony Elia, ESQ, of Sutton Firm tried to calm her down about  Mr. Sutton’s unprofessional behavior.  Anthony Elia also felt bad for what was done to Wadena and he too prepared her, gave evidence  and shared the truth of the betrayal.  Her attorney went to meet with the federal judge requesting for help.  He had an exit plan to leave Sutton Firm after the older Sony Music Entertainment attorneys and Mr. Sutton tried to put all the blame of wrong on him to be sanctioned because of Wadena finding out about the deceit of both parties counsels being done to help the celebrities and stealing of monies that supposed to had been paid to singer Wadena.

Wadena immediately contacted the Freeport-Roosevelt NAACP Branch President Douglas Mayers.  Who stood up for Wadena and wrote the US Eastern District Court of New York a letter on her behalf about what was being allowed to happen unfairly both through and outside of the federal court against her.  The NAACP held press-conferences with Wadena about the injustices and contacted David Sutton Firm about his racist comments made to his client, her family and misrepresentation.  President Douglas Mayers and many members of the NAACP continued for years to monitor Wadena Pyatt’s legal matters and demanded for fairness and mediation for her.  Douglas Mayers and her late uncle Pastor Dr. Rev. Willie Arthur Simmons told Wadena to stand and fight because she is a civil rights and community leader.  You don’t allow anybody to get away with violating your rights and stealing what rightfully belongs to you,” said Douglas Mayers, President of the NAACP.

US Eastern District Court Federal Judge Thomas C. Platt also said to Wadena  “over 30 years of serving on the bench, I have never met a litigant like you.  Magistrate Judge James Orenstein told me that you are a very smart and wise young woman.  Sony attorneys over there are calling you an attorney without a degree.  I really don’t understand why you have chose to waste your time with this music stuff when you can use your talents in other areas such as law.  Your a public speaker and have an extraordinary memory.  Miss. Pyatt you can really make a good attorney and be a candidate for public office one day,” said the President Nixon appointed federal judge.

Today, law students, professors of law schools, colleges, universities, attorneys, legal experts, artist, songwriters and record label legal teams are using Wadena’s story as case law study or through publications on copyright, music beefs and behind the music on the making of great artist hit songs.  Due to Wadena’s boldness and advocacy, she turned heads, made a new change in the decade of favor for the rich when it comes to songwriters disputes and history that can never be erased.

The singer did not let her horrible experience of getting burned in the music industry as a songwriter for the first time stop her from going after her dream to have a successful music career.  The Wyclef Jean music beef only made her stronger and more determined to have great success in this music business.


Singer Wadena was excited to sign a record deal with Alicia Keys and Jeff Robinson over at MBK Entertainment in 2003.  Alicia Keys had just blew up and won so many Grammy’s for her 1st hit single and Album.   Wadena also enjoyed attending Alicia Keys second album release party and concert with her MBK Entertainment staff such as Kenneth Spatt (Baloo), Former A&R of MBK Entertainment in above picture and all the artist on the roster.  The MBK Entertainment family welcomed Wadena into Alicia Keys camp. Jeff Robinson let Wadena know that he and his family are from the church community too.In 2003, Wadena’s popularity as an artist and songwriter was spreading throughout the music industry in high volume.  She was the talk amongst the industry, especially because of her hit songwriting abilities, thanks to the Wyclef Jean Music beef.  Wadena continued to fight for her music career and was determined to secure the right record deal.  She did not want to be blackballed over songwriters disputes. But the movie Dream Girls of what happened to Jennifer Hudson’s character “Iffy White” is real.  It was done to Wadena for over 10 years, but worst.Wadena worked on her “CAUGHT UP” album project and other assigned songwriting projects through MBK Entertainments, including receiving the opportunity to write for Usher Raymond.  It was a moment of joy for the singer Wadena when Jeff Robinson, CEO of MBK Entertainment and Business Partner of Celebrity Alicia Keys informed her during the meeting that the Grammy Award Winner will be introducing her as an artist to the world and working on her album.  Wadena was so excited, especially since she and her family were huge fans of Alicia Keys.  Being a fan and believing in Alicia Keys positive empowerment was one of the main reasons why Wadena signed with MBK Entertainment.  After hearing about Alicia Keys and Jeff Robinson’s announcement of wanting to help upcoming artist, songwriters, producers, actors and actresses breakout big into this entertainment business seemed like the right team at the time.  Wadena  became excited again when Jeff Robinson informed her that she will be writing and working with Usher Raymond and his songwriting team.  Wadena almost fell to the floor when Jeff Robinson and his A&R staff told her about working with her celebrity crush Usher Raymond and one of her favorite female singers of this generation Alicia Keys.

“I have always been a fan of Usher Raymond since he released his first single.  As a teenager when Usher was our generation teen R&B star, I had his poster on my bedroom wall next to the late Michael Jackson.  Anytime, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys or Usher Raymond released an album, I would save up my monies to purchase two or three copies of their CD to show support. I’ve been doing this for Usher Raymond since he first came out.  Even after the songwriter disputes over Confessions, I bought about 4 copies of the album.  It’s such a great album and he’s still my celebrity R&B male crush, along with Tank.  Even though this mess went down the way that it did.  I only wished we all could have came together in peace to resolve things and just create new hit music,” said Wadena. 

In 2004, Wadena was still working hard under MBK Entertainment and performing at showcases.  While she started to notice the change in the staff towards her whenever she asked questions about a release date of music for her and being fairly compensated and credited for writings for big named artist such as Usher Raymond.  Everything was going good until after one day upon the return of Alicia Keys and Jeff Robinson from touring when Wadena was called into the MBK Entertainment office for an emergency artist meeting.  Jeff Robinson met with Wadena about her music beef with celebrity rapper Wyclef Jean over the song Two Wrongs and his Masquerade Album.  Robinson was a little upset with Wadena for not telling him about her music beef with Wyclef Jean and having to hear about it through Alicia Keys.  He was also upset about Wyclef Jean stepping over him and going straight to Alicia Keys first about Wadena.  Jeff Robinson informed Wadena that Wyclef Jean was requesting for help from Alicia Keys with his legal matters with her.  Robinson also told Wadena that Wyclef Jean was requesting for her to be dropped from MBK Entertainment and all the songwriting materials she worked on for Caught Up be turned over to him because he wanted to sign her to a artist recording and songwriter deal as part of settlement.

“I saw that Jeff Robinson was a little upset and felt disrespected by Wyclef Jean going over his head to talk with Alicia Keys about it first and me not telling him about the music beef.  At this moment I knew it was just a matter of time when Jeff and them were going to stop working with me over this drama.  Celebrities stick together so nobody was going to be there for the underdog,” said Wadena. 

Wadena was still hoping that Jeff Robinson was a man of his word and wasn’t going to betray her trust in him as a record label executive and just take music from her too.  Jeff Robinson promised Wadena that he was going to protect her and settle this music beef she had with Wyclef Jean and Sony.  He also promised Wadena that she will come out with singles and a full album if not in 2004 it will be in 2005.  Robinson further told Wadena that he had made the decision to keep her as an artist under MBK Entertainment and for her to continue working the projects she had been assigned.  However, things did not turn out this way at all.

Usher Raymond released his Confessions album.  Both him and Alicia Keys came out with the #1 hit single My Boo.  He also released the single Caught Up and other songwriters names, including Alicia Keys, Jeff Robinson and MBK Entertainment were given credit for the writing on Usher’s Confessions, but not Wadena.  The hurtful part about it is another songwriter from MBK Entertainment name and publishing was giving credit when MBK made a big deal about giving Wadena songwriter credit and requesting of her to accept the ghostwriter fees without name recognition of Usher’s Confessions album.  While big named celebrities, known songwriters and producers will receive credit.  Wadena had a serious problem with this, but like her song say “karma always come back around again.”

The songs My Boo, Caught Up and Two Wrongs are just three of the many that became a success for the celebrity artist and winning them Grammy’s because of the creative and unique style of songwriting of Wadena.  During this time, Wadena was so raw with her hit songwriting skills, that both Usher Raymond and Alicia Keys songwriting teams continued to go through her materials.  They even shared with Wadena that some of the songs she had written could be divided into two or three hit songs.  Wadena use to smile and tell them that she was aware about what she did of trying something new by combining more than one song together for a test.  Even though she was planning to separate the work in progress songs anyway. But the writing and melodies still belongs to Wadena and no one had the right to use it without her consent. Wadena has written over 400 songs and still creating new hot materials.  Her creative style of writing about being caught up in love, relationship and pain is what helped Usher Raymond’s Confessions Album go down in history as a classic.   MBK Entertainment was on point about Wadena being a perfect fit for the type of style of music Usher Raymond sings and his life of love, pain and drama was similar to those of her own.  Where the story that Wadena wrote in a female version could also work for Usher Raymond because of what he was going through during the time of his release of Confessions in his love life.

Usher Raymond’s Confessions album continued to sit at the top of the charts in 2004 & 2005 and  Jeff Robinson didn’t know how to tell Wadena that he was never going to release any music for her.  Jeff Robinson suddenly stopped paying producers and staff for working on Wadena’s Caught Up album project and dropped her from MBK Entertainment artist roster in 2005.  MBK Entertainment staff continued to request of Wadena to stop with her demands about getting paid royalties and no ghostwriter fee for Usher’s Confessions album.  Jeff Robinson and staff deceived Wadena about finalizing her female version of Caught Up and releasing it as a single in 2005.  This was yet another false misrepresentation being made to the singer.  Staff of MBK Entertainment were also being fired, especially the ones who worked on Wadena’s project such as A&R Al McClendon (a.k.a Al Butter).

MBK Entertainment staff, Ruff Stuff out of Brooklyn, New York and producers hired to work Wadena’s project were very upset how things went down and tried to generate a buzz for her before the release of Usher Raymond’s Confessions  or she got dropped from the artist roster.  The staff of MBK Entertainment let Wadena know that it was just a matter of time when Jeff Robinson  was going to give her the boot because now they don’t need you no more is what was told to the singer and songwriter.  Alicia Keys and Jeff Robinson had money making opportunities for multiple other celebrity projects like Usher Raymond being one of them for Confessions. You were on Alicia Keys and Jeff Robinsons songwriting team and your stuff was the best out of all the artist and songwriters, said the staff of MBK Entertainment. The staff, Ruff Stuff and producers secured Wadena with features, interviews, and radio air play in numerous magazines and radio stations.  New York’s 93.5 FM Jams immediately put Wadena in daily radio rotation and weekly artist interviews.  Wadena started buzzing as the staff and producers contacted, scheduled and met with Universal Records and Ruff Ryders about signing her to release a female version of Caught Up and full album.

This was a very emotional time for the singer and songwriter.  She was tired of being abused and misused by people.  Something she had experienced her whole entire life since childhood.  Wadena learned how grimy the music business could be at best when it comes to celebrity great artist staying on top and making money.  She took numerous meetings with A&R’s from Universal Records.  Wadena was told by the A&R Department that Universal Records were very interested in signing her to a record deal.  James Eikenberger, former A&R of Universal Records further told Wadena that she just had too much baggage that must be dealt with by the record label like people getting paid, so there won’t be any legal issues once a record is finally release for her.

After hearing from the A&R of Universal Records that Wyclef Jean, Jeff Robinson, MBK Entertainment, Public Enemy Rap Group members and OG Jazz were calling his phone about her, Wadena asked of the record label to please not change their minds.  Wadena  told James Eikenberger, that she reached out to Public Enemy member’s and OG Jazz to  asked of them to speak with him about going forth with the record deal.  Wadena felt if the A&R’s heard from Public Enemy Rap Group members then this could help convince the record label to still sign her.   Sony Music Entertainments and Wyclef Jean never kept their word to end the music beef by giving her the right record deal and compensation, but instead continued to knock her down in attempt to keep her down and wanting of Wadena to bury her dream to have a breakthrough music career.

“Somebody believed in every celebrity who made it big  in this music business and they never told them to forget about their dreams.  Well, I have faith and know that God will send the right person into my life to help me reach my destiny, said Wadena.” 

The record label would tell the singer that she had a very unique style of writing and sound as an artist for the future.  But the record label just do not know how promote and market such unique style for the future. ” I say to upcoming artist and songwriters, if you hear any industry heads telling you this, then you better get your attorney gear up to fight them over your music.  This is their way of letting you know that they are stealing your music and style with no intentions of giving you any credit or compensation for your work.”   

Kenneth Spatt (a.k.a Baloo), former A&R of MBK Entertainment met with Ruff Ryders about a record deal for Wadena and took a meeting with Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda record label.  Baloo informed Wadena that her music was sold and spreaded throughout the music industry to various celebrity artist.  “You are now getting blackballed and the only record labels who were still interested in working with you are Ruff Ryders and Wyclef Jean and Jerry Wonda record labels with the possibility of working something out with J-Records or Badboy Entertainment.  If Al Butter is able to get us a meeting with Clive Davis and P.Diddy’s people over at Badboy to let them know what’s going on and see if we can get you a record deal, said Baloo.

At this point, Wadena realized that she was in the battles of her life in every direction.  She would get out of one storm and then her adversaries would cause her more troubles in attempt to keep her down.  In 2005, Wadena did meet with Sony Music Entertainment and Wyclef Jean’s record label representatives about a artist recording and songwriter deal with compensation as part of settlement.  However, the meeting didn’t go to well because she wasn’t given fair options. 

All the wrong was being done to Wadena over Usher Raymond’s Confessions album, Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean and every big name celebrity songwriter or producer who was bought into the mix of this over the music.  Wadena even went back to Ruff Ryders herself by contacting one of the A&R’s she had been in contact with since 2000.  She started crying and asking of Little D to tell her why was she getting burned so badly in the music industry when she already had so much to deal with in her personal life.  Little D told Wadena ” none of this would have never happened if you just continued working with me.  I tried to warn and keep you from getting bitten by the sharks in this music business.  Yeah, you were hungry to become a star, but sometimes it’s better to be patient and not stupid.  You had everybody in your ear like Public Enemy Rap Group members and MBK Entertainment telling you that Ruff Ryders is a gangsta rap record label or not the right fit for you as a singer.  Yet, all the ones who were in your ear did you wrong and your music got stolen when the so-called gangsta rappers had your back. All these people did was fill your head up with lies because they were stealing from you.”

Wadena knew Little D was right and after speaking to him she thought to herself and cried.  While trying to figure out a plan for her next move.  Everything was being done wrong against Wadena over the songwriter disputes.  For what seemed like a decade, Wadena also couldn’t even get a good mix and mastering of her music because of the deception of her adversaries.

In 2009, she finally received  investor support where she was able to quietly go back into the studio to work on a full album, until Sony Music Entertainments and the celebrities found out about it.  Due to all the controversy, she was unable to complete the full album and had to go with the release of her Girl Play EP on December 31st, 2012.

Usher Raymond required to know why singer Wadena didn’t just come straight to him through his camp.  He claimed to would have taken care of Wadena financially and helping with her music career. Yet, the celebrities talked about how low down the attorneys for both camps involved were in pumping monies out of them and making the beef messy. Again, everybody talk the good talk and did nothing.   The celebrities sat around and watch years go by as Wadena had to struggle as an artist because of the songwriters disputes.  Usher Raymond the same as Alicia Keys and all the others could have taken the same step that Jerry Duplessis (Wonda) took by  offering to help  and support  Wadena’s music project.

Wadena is a great artist and songwriter.  She hopes that people support her 15-year anniversary celebration through her release of singles, campaign and album.  Finally, Wadena is pushing to create and release with top promotion and marketing one of the best R&B female albums of this generation.

It will also be a blessing if the fans be of a support, sponsor and make a contribution to the anniversary project and download the single.  Do whatever necessary to help Wadena get played on mainstream radio, TV, promotion, get on Billboard Charts and all.  It’s time for Wadena to release her pain through the long time waited R&B female album that is missing in this generation. If you download the single, this will be counted and steps taken in getting Wadena on the Billboard Charts as an Indie artist.

The singer is currently working on her anniversary album.  In the next coming months she will also be gigging and performing at various venues.  All the rumors are correct.  Wadena is buzzing around town, laying down new pop, r&b, reggae and hip hop rules for all the REAL music head! Stay tuned and turn up your game because Wadena’s bringing it on strong, sweet and sleek.  Ready or not here we come.

“Forgiveness is key and Wadena is looking forward to having a breakthrough season filled with blessings.  As Grammy Award Winning Producer Jerry Duplessis (Wonda) had said to Wadena “God Bless You. One day we will have a meeting about making music together.”  This is how you come together by making good music and letting go of the past.  “God is real and answers prayers.  Jerry Wonda didn’t care about none of that stuff from yesterday and sent out blessings for my music career.  Today is a new day for me,” said singer Wadena.