Welcome to RAIRADIO/RADIOIPUSHERS TV! Knowledge is power! This business is 10% music & 90% business. Below are real live steps to ensure you have your “ISH” together!!!! #RESUTLSANDNOHYPE #RADIOPUSHERS #RAIRADIO

1. Make sure you are registered with ASCAP as a writer & publisher. Click here & register.

2. Make sure you are registered with BMI as a writer & publisher. Click here & register

3. Make sure you are registered with SoundExchange as a writer & publisher. Click here & register

4.Make sure you add your payment info with BMI, ASACP, & SoundExchange.

5. Copyright right your song! You can make a song and someone else can remake and profit form your hard work! #SMARTISTHENEWGANGSTA! Click here & copyright your material

5. Make sure that your song is TAGGED correctly! What does that mean? When any radio station uploads your track to their player, it reads all your licensed info. Which means you get PAID!!!! Everyone who needs to be paid for the track is included! Your artwork, producer, artist, label, & all other info is EMBEDDED into the track. Click here & get your track coded right

All we do is deliver #RESULTSANDNOHYPE!!

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