Tupac’s family calls Trump campaign “disrespectful” for teasing Kamala Harris at debate

Tupac’s family calls Trump campaign “disrespectful” for teasing Kamala Harris at debate

Mopreme Shakur, the late Tupac’s step brother, expressed his dismay regarding the use of the rapper’s name by the Trump campaign, with the objective of making fun of Kamala Harris and the statement she made earlier, during the Vice President debate earlier this week. Shakur stated that using his brother as a prop to make fun of Harris was “clearly disrespectful” to his family.

To tease Harris, Trump’s campaign set aside one ticket for Tupac at the debate on Wednesday (Oct. 8), as she erroneously called Tupac the “greatest rapper alive” in a previous interview. Shakur said he wasn’t surprised by the move as “we should know Trump’s lack of respect for the Black and brown community.”

While he revealed that he does not expect an apology, he stated that the President can make it up to his family by releasing his father, Tupac’s stepfather, from prison. In 1988, his father, Mutulu, was sentenced to 60 years for RICO conspiracy, armed bank robbery and bank robbery killings, and has been denied parole eight times.

On the day of the debate, a journalist tweeted that the campaign stated that they were leaving a ticket for the rapper during a press call. “The Trump campaign is leaving a ticket for Tupac Shakur at tonight’s VP debate because Kamala Harris called him her favorite rapper alive,” she tweeted. “(This is not a joke and was confirmed by Trump campaign senior adviser @JasonMillerinDC on a press call).”

White House and national political correspondent for RealClearPolitics, Susan Crabtree Hennebury, spoke about this news as well, by tweeting words from Jason Miller. “We have left a ticket for Tupac Shakur, Sen. Harris’ favorite rapper alive…,” the tweet read. “I’m personally more of a Biggie fan if he’s still alive, b[ut] we will have a ticket for Tupac.”

Shakur supported Harris, even after her slip up, and he pushed everyone to cast a vote in the presidential elections to be held in November.


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