Oakland CEO/Major Recording Artist IAMSTUNT introduces the “RNBAY” sound of DRUNK TEXT

The term hyphy is Oakland slang meaning “hyperactive”. More specifically, it is an adjective describing the hip hop music and the culture associated with the area. Widely popular Bay-Area Hip-Hop artist “IAMSTUNT” embodies and represents the new age Bay Area “RNBAY” movement. “RNBAY” is a crafted signature sound that infuses a Rhythm/Blues sonic vibe laced with classic Oakland Hip-Hop overtones. “RNBAY” is the new wave for Bay-area Music Millennials, and local radio is now adding fuel to the fire!

Scotty Mac (S-C-O-Double T-Y MAC) Raises the Millennial Hip-Hop bar with the latest release “#GETTOKNOWME”

Born and bred New York rappers walk with a legendary Hip-Hop cloud hovering over their head. The expectation of greatness is tattooed on the forearm of every emerging Hip-Hop artist in the “Big Apple.” Scotty Mac entire Hip-Hop career is decorated with awards, accolades, sold-out events, and bonafide street cred.

TOM BLVCK Transforming risk into reward with his flourishing music career

Everybody wants to take the last shot in the game. Everybody wants to play “hero” in the movies. Everybody wants to win the lottery on the first scratch off ticket. Everybody “wants it “ALL” but without the “RISK”. Tom Blvck represents a small population of people who reflects true “American Hustle”. When the odds are stacked against you and the bridge between your dreams and reality is burned, the mindset of Tom Blvck enables him to create his own flight of destiny. Tom Blvck’s music illuminates any room and causes a strong emotional reaction ranging from rage to sexuality.

#WHOISMEGACE | PODCAST: Redefining the path of success for Music Millennials

Very few people are willing to answer the call of justice when it rings. Most people will not speak on matters the world views as “off-limits”. A small population of people possesses the boldness to transfer acquired self-knowledge amongst their contemporaries to empower future leaders. The life story of Mega Ace streams like a Hollywood movie in real-time and illuminates the value of self-education.

DRUMMABOY FRESH reflects on the legend of his older brother with “Go This Way” visual

The death of a big brother in a man’s life is a paralyzing moment. A big brother is a role model, quasi father figure, inspirational leader, and usually the coolest person we know besides our parents. The big brother critiques, molds, and reshapes the entire persona of the younger brother. Ensayne Wayne, born Ferell Miles older brother to 2X Grammy Award Winning Producer Drummaboy Fresh, lost his life tragically in 2019. Ensayne Wayne introduced Drummaboy to the formula of making beats, which would give birth to a musical empire.


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