Prince Howard’s panoramic vision comes full circle in 2023

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Photo Credit: Prince M Howard (@publishing_guru) | Instagram  

Prince Howard was born with failure amnesia. 

Despite others abandoning their aspirations, Prince Howard’s unshakable faith in himself and his passions is truly awe-inspiring. His pursuit of music is not a mere hobby or a way to escape reality but an all-consuming drive that he has wholeheartedly committed to with commendable and motivating determination. Observing individuals like him is a reminder of the power of perseverance and the importance of staying true to oneself. 

Prince Howard’s upbringing was molded by unbreakable familial bonds, cultural enlightenment, self-empowerment, the glorification of black excellence, and a zeal for music. The seeds planted in his mind during his formative years have flourished over the past two decades. There is no guidebook for individuals with lofty aspirations, but Prince Howard’s unwavering determination has led him to where he is today. 

Prince Howard’s life story includes everything from corporate racism to Billboard charting platinum plaques. Nothing was ever given to Prince Howard, and he’s traveled the “path of most resistance” throughout his illustrious career. Being one of the most highly regarded music executives in publishing and administration deals. Synchronization licensing is a complex web that requires meticulous precision, ultra-premium attention to detail, and a Midas human touch.   

The name of Prince Howard operates like an American Express Black Card.  

When Prince Howard makes a call, the deal becomes valuable. People deep inside the music industry listen intently when he speaks and consider every option he presents on behalf of the featured artist. Prince Howard’s persona is rooted in #RESULTSANDNOHYPE. For the past twenty years, he’s secured multiple platinum plaques from some of the biggest names in music, including Beyonce, Lyrica Anderson, 21 Savage, Moneybagg Yo, Pooh Shiesty, and more. Prince Howard allows his accomplishments to speak for him rather than posting superficial or fabricated stories on social media.  

In 2022, Prince Howard launched Pacific Music Publishing Inc. Pacific Music Publishing, Inc is a top-tier multimedia multinational that oversees music distribution, publishing, and artist management. The company’s reach has expanded from Atlanta to London thanks to Prince Howard’s visionary leadership, resulting in a panoramic presence.   

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