Sanjit De Silva speaks on his role in the famed play ‘True West’

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At Malvern, Pennsylvania’s People’s Light theatre, you cannot miss Sam Shepard’s theatrical interpretation of True West. As the award-winning play examines the complexities of two-dimensionality, manhood, and the American West from a multifaceted viewpoint, it is astounding to see that the entire cast and design team are all Asian Americans, so this piece exhibits a distinctive vision from an Asian American lens.

This performance promises to be nothing short of incredible, directed by Mei Ann Teo and featuring Sanjit De Silva, Ron Domingo, Greg Watanabe, and Ching Valdes-Aran. Catch one of their 25 performances from August 2 to 27 at the Leonard C. Haas stage, housed in an 18th-century stone barn that adds to the ambiance of the entire venue when it comes to the quality of their performance. Prepare yourself for an enriching and memorable theatre experience that will blow your mind. There is no better way of spending your evening.

Sanjit De Silva

For iHeartRadioSanjit De Silva conducted a high-spirited phone interview with noted journalist Jonathan P-Wright, an interview that was high in spirit. It goes without saying that Sanjit De Silva is one of the most versatile and skilled actors in Hollywood. He has a God-given talent for transforming a script into silver screen mastery. Actors are born and not created in Hollywood. 

There are multiple hats that Sanjit De Silva wears in the production of ‘True West’. A playwright and an actor, Sanjit seamlessly blends the two worlds so as to produce a visual experience that is both polarizing and captivating. In terms of theater and fine arts, Sanjit De Silva is the definition of a true student. It was during the first half of his life that he dedicated himself to education and self-development. 

From the famed New York University, he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting. An MFA degree is considered a “terminal” degree, meaning that is the highest degree attainable in the field in which you plan to specialize. 

As part of the master’s degree system in acting at New York University, students who already possess specific actor training receive an intensive, conservatory-style course of study designed to prepare them for direct entry into the performing arts, including the theatre, television, and film industries. 

Stream the ultra-dynamic and highly expected interview between Sanjit De Silva and Jonathan P-Wright below, and don’t miss this event! 

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Will Wooten
Will Wooten
10 months ago

Great to see them tackle this traditionally Caucasian American play from an Asian American lense.