The Evolution of Alexis Branch has arrived in 2023

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Alexis Branch’s artistic progress over the past two years is undeniably remarkable. Witnessing her growth has been nothing short of inspiring and serves as a powerful reminder to trust in God’s plan for our lives. Additionally, her journey has provided an invaluable source of emotional healing. 

As of 2023, Alexis Branch has established herself as a commanding presence in the ‘BETONYOURSELF’ movement for Generation Z. Her musical talents are unparalleled, and she possesses an innate ability to evoke powerful emotions and transport her audience to a better state of mental space. Alexis’s music exudes an incomparable and uplifting energy that ignites a commanding soundtrack for individuals’ lives by delving into their deepest emotions. Her remarkable emotional intelligence is a pivotal aspect of her impressive accomplishments. 

Her latest audio masterpiece, “Gettin’ Money,” featuring legendary music producer “Mr. Hanky,” was instantly dubbed “2023’s Summer Anthem”. “Gettin Money” echoes the voices of fearless independent women and men worldwide. “Gettin Money” is undeniably the go-to song for women everywhere when preparing for a night out at the club.  

The meticulous beat production of “Gettin’ Money” captures the essence of celebration, feeling yourself, and opulence in life. Alexis Branch is the CEO/Founder of multiple multimedia companies, and her brand is multinational as of 2023.   

Gettin Money” is currently airing on several FM radio stations, and radio programmers of all levels are in agreement that the song has officially become the “Summer Anthem.” “Gettin Money” has been added to the prime-time AirPlay programming schedule of 99.7 DA HEAT Miami, which iHeartRadio powers. 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI is a multimedia division of RADIOPUSHERS. 

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