NEWHYPEBEAST Media Group is an ultra-interactive digital branding agency which focuses on brands/products/public figures that are creating viral impact & support millennial culture.  Your brand’s meteoric rise to stardom is a real American success story and represents self-empowerment at the core.  The viral impact of your brand carries major influence in the culture of millennial entertainment & business.  The #MILLIONDOLLARMINDSET Viral Podcast Experience details the winning mentality, peaks & valleys, & rise of entrepreneurs, celebrities, professional’s athletes, public figures, &, etc.  The MDM broadcast platform is 100% organic and enables guests to explain their journey truthfully & without compromise.

The MDM family would be highly honoured to have you as an esteemed guest on our viral podcast experience. Joseph Sikora, Jay Leopardi, Livio Harris Lady Hammer, Luis Ramos, Drumma Boy Fresh, Rick Ross, Malik Yoba, Chris Gotti, DJ SELF, Jerrell Wesley, Stevie J, Shay Johnson, Mila J, Jackie Christie, Manika, Delante Murphy, Chris Gotti, Benzino, Momma Dee, Rich Dollaz, Slim from 112, HAVOC & more have experienced the MDM Viral Podcast Experience. The interview duration is between 15-30 minutes & pre-recorded via phone.  Our team converts the recorded interview into a Mp4 file, which enables the interview to stream on our Amazon Fire TV & ROKU Channel.  RADIOPUSHERS TV receives over 100,000 unique visitors monthly @ Www.Radiopushers.Tv We also upload the interview to YouTube for viral branding optimization. Below are SoundCloud and YouTube links to previous MDM interviews.  The featured guest receives a full cover placement in RNH Magazine.

RNH Magazine is a leading digital interactive magazine experience. RNH Magazine is the only platform which integrates “streaming video and HTML 5 Flash options for users.  Throughout the magazine experience, users can tweet to the featured podcast guest, post comments, stream recent viral videos, and share the article via social media.  Readers can translate the magazine into the language of their choice, read offline, purchase products, stream live-tv, YouTube integration, live-chat with users, stream satellite radio, & more!

RNH Magazine hand picks all cover stories based on their genuine public interest and millennial culture impact. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on the viral interactive experience of RNH Magazine & having you on the #MILLIONDOLLARMINDSET Viral Podcast Experience!!