Devvon Terrell The New Representation of Vintage R&B Cool

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Miami Beach is so beautiful at 1am in the morning.  The Fontainebleu’s King Bedroom Suite offers 270-degree views of the Atlantic Ocean and sparkling Biscayne Bay. Room service delivered a tray of blackberries, raspberries, non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt, and a bottle of Deleon Tequila.  A journalist’s life represents chaos, dysfunction, mental mountains, uncontrolled passion, and, most importantly, freedom.  

Between midnight till 3am, music is my therapy and voice of reason to balance my highs and lows for the day.  Walking out onto the balcony, it’s me, Deleon Tequila, and Devvon Terrell’s music. I’m on assignment for HIPHOPSINCE1987 for an exclusive review of Devvon’s album ‘Vol 2: Déjà Vu’. ‘Thank My Exes’ erupts through my Beats Pill speakers (I never travel without them), the sermon given at the beginning is a classic intro. ‘Thank My Exes’ provides a perfect blueprint for men worldwide to follow in 2020.  When he says

Broke dead up in jail

Giving you my last

Hurt down, so depressed trynna make you laugh

Up now, doing well, everything is different now

If i didn’t learn these lessons, oh I would have these blessings.

Devvon empowers men to embrace past missteps and allow self-reflection to fuel a better version of themselves.  His lyrics of empowerment enables every man to treasure their new opportunity and future queen.

“Self-care and motivation that’s my favorite fragrance,

 Wash the toxic off of me got new skin to play with me”

I switch over to ‘TOXIC’, and my entire mood changed, and I refreshed my glass with Deleon. ‘TOXIC’ illuminates Devvon’s ability to narrate dark, raw emotions of personal relationships and provide a melodic solution.  The lyrics reveal a Hollywood dysfunctional love story with a grim potential outcome.  Love is indeed a drug, but Devvon defines the real antidote.

You ever been so gassed that you don’t know what day it is

 Calling out of work and suppose to work a double shift

 But I’m so caught up with this person i don’t see the shit

 But i can’t lie the shit was fire tho

 And thats what makes it toxic for me

 It be so good that you would risk it all

 You don’t even realize you fall when you not standing up

 You a fucking drug

 Cold sweats every night in this bitch

‘You Trippin’ allows Devvon to explain how men maintain difficulty dealing with women on the move.  I love the vocal range and honesty within his music delivery. Devvon’s life perspectives allow him to decode thoughts, feelings, and emotions of the heart. 

I can see you on the way

 Taking pictures and you feeling great

 You acting different when you in LA

 You in a mood oh you feeling great

 Girl i see you travel different

 When you not home oh i can see the difference

 You just wanna have a good time don’t you

 Every time you on that plan you be feeling yourself

Devvon Terrell is my new Millennial version of Shaft and is totally vintage dopeness.


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3 years ago

Beautifully written

Quintin Streeter
Quintin Streeter
3 years ago

bro go hard. I queued his album up in my playlists

Quintin Streeter
Quintin Streeter
3 years ago


Quintin Streeter
Quintin Streeter
3 years ago