The Untold Story of Memphis Bleek: His Journey with Jay-Z and the Music Scene

The Untold Story of Memphis Bleek: His Journey with Jay-Z and the Music Scene

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Memphis Bleek, a renowned figure in the music industry, recently shared his intriguing tale of his relationship with Jay-Z. Their musical collaboration, which had been dormant for over two decades, has sparked curiosity among their fans and followers.

The Unavoidable Question

During a press tour in New York City, the famous news outlet, TMZ, approached Bleek with a series of questions. Among them, one query stood out: Why hadn’t he and Jay-Z teamed up for a track since 2002’s “As One” from The Blueprint 2 album?

Bleek’s response was surprisingly candid. He insinuated that it was Jay-Z, the founder of Roc Nation, who was reluctant to collaborate with him.

“He knows I’m better than him. That’s why he doesn’t want to collaborate with me on a song. He fears I might outshine him. He’d rather keep me away from his records because he believes I’m too good. That’s why he suggested I venture into the liquor business.”

Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z: A Historic Duo

During the early phases of his career, Memphis Bleek was considered Jay-Z’s protégé and occasional hype man. They collaborated on various tracks, such as “Coming of Age,” “Change the Game,” “Is That Your Chick,” “Get Your Mind Right Mami,” “My Mind Right,” “Can I Live II,” and many more.

A Shift in Focus: From Music to Liquor

Bleek eventually transitioned from the music scene to take over Jay-Z’s D’usse Cognac brand. His efforts significantly contributed to the brand’s popularity in the market. When asked about his shift in focus during an interview with VIBE in 2017, Bleek shared:

“I was in JAY Z’s office, and I told him I wanted to transition from music. I never had any job in my life, not even a summer youth program. I had always been into music. However, I wanted to try my hand at working. I’m a part of everything at D’Usse. I started this thing, the first hashtag went out on my page.”


Memphis Bleek’s story serves as a fascinating insight into the world of music and business. His journey from being a protégé of Jay-Z to leading a popular liquor brand is nothing short of inspiring. The world eagerly waits for what the future holds for this multi-talented personality.

In the end, whether or not we’ll see another collaboration between Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z remains an intriguing mystery for their fans. Until then, we can only relish their past hits and anticipate a future where these two music giants might share the stage once again.