Loski releases the visual for “Deliberation Freestyle”

Loski releases the visual for “Deliberation Freestyle”

It has been a while since “Deliberation Freestyle” of Loski has been released, which is an emotional offering in which the South London emcee spills his heart out about a number of issues ranging from legal challenges, past obstacles, street life, his loved ones, and much more.

“As for the music video, “Deliberation Freestyle” has its own matching visual which is provided by JDOT TV. With the aim to keep things simple, viewers will be able to see Loski deliver his bars while in the middle of a studio session in which he has been enjoying himself.

There was a court case in Loski life just prior to the arrival of the above-mentioned track and he was found guilty of possessing a gun. The man revealed to the world through a social media post promoting the song that he had been battling the case for quite some time.

I was charged with a gun charge on April 9, 2019 which I had been fighting for over three and a half years. It is said that you would rather have 12 judges judge you than 6 judges carry you. I was found guilty of possession after being trialed three times, so I had 36 judges. I’ve been working and just made this little freestyle on the day before the verdict. I will be back very soon.”

‘You Left Me’ video by BlocBoy JB

‘You Left Me’ video by BlocBoy JB

The 14-year-old rapper BlocBoy JB decided to end the year in style with a new song called “You Left Me.” The song, which is produced by Cable Beatz and Karey Muney, features bars about money and violence, including:

It features a hard-hitting instrumental accompanied by a video by QK1Shot. The audience can be able to witness a well-dressed JB playing video games with an associate, displaying stacks of cash in a shoebox, and also chilling in the driver’s seat of a Maybach SUV while watching the show.

A couple of months ago, local hero BlocBoy JB teamed up with his fellow hometown hero, Tay Keith, to release the 15-track effort Bacc 2 Da Bloc, which included guest vocals from Pooh Shiesty, EST Gee, Co Cash, and SpotemGottem. After that, he teamed up with Collective Music Group and Yo Gotti, collaborating on their compilation, Gangsta Art, which dropped in May this year, specifically on the song “OK.”

There were also some interesting projects taken part in by the rapper, including a ‘Blocumentary’ series in conjunction with Keith Urban. The first episode of the documentary featured BlocBoy JB discussing how he first became acquainted with the decorated producer. He discussed:

We lived in houses that were just a few minutes’ walk from each other, making it possible for me to walk in just two minutes from mine to his. Whether I ran or didn’t, I would have been able to type crap in 30 seconds. Before I met him, I had never heard any of his beats, and the fact that he also made beats hadn’t even occurred to me. The fact that he was able to rap so well when I saw him creating in the studio was so surprising to me. Knowing they were my dear ones wasn’t difficult for me.