Amazon Music’s Epic 50 & Forever Concert Series Ignites NYC Hip-Hop Celebration

Amazon Music’s Epic 50 & Forever Concert Series Ignites NYC Hip-Hop Celebration

Brooklyn, the iconic birthplace of hip-hop culture, reverberated with the beats and rhythms of nearly five decades of the genre as Amazon Music‘s “50 & Forever Concert Series” took center stage on a vibrant evening in the heart of the city. The event, held on July 20, transformed the Pier 17 rooftop into a pulsating hub of excitement, drawing together a diverse crowd of hip-hop enthusiasts to commemorate 50 years of this influential musical movement.

The event’s meticulous attention to detail was evident right from the start. The venue’s brick wall, adorned with graffiti, resonated with the urban aesthetic that has been an integral part of hip-hop culture. The subway station, briefly renamed the “Eternal 50th Station,” honored the origins of the genre within New York’s public transit network. As the sun descended behind the cityscape, the atmosphere was prepared for a remarkable evening filled with music and festivity.

The evening’s lineup embraced the theme of the “Blog Era,” a pivotal period that witnessed a surge of online exploration and discovery of new artists and sounds. The lineup featured hip-hop luminaries Curren$y, Joey Bada$$, and Wale—artists who played instrumental roles during this transformative time in the genre’s history. With each act bringing their unique style and energy to the stage, the concert resonated with both nostalgia and the contemporary pulse of hip-hop.

The DJs curated an electric atmosphere, mixing iconic “Blog Era” tracks like A$AP Rocky’s “Peso” and Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin” with current chart-toppers. The playlist provided the ideal backdrop for the night, bridging the gap between the genre’s past and present.

Kicking off the festivities was Curren$y, whose distinctive smoked-out sound became synonymous with the “Blog Era.” Adorned in a New York Giants Lawrence Taylor jersey, the New Orleans rapper infused the crowd with his stoned-out ferocity. From beloved classics like “Breakfast” and “Famous” to more recent hits like “Half Moon Mornings,” Curren$y’s performance was a journey through his prolific career. He paid tribute to his roots and New Orleans heritage with the infectious bounce of “Essence Fest,” featuring the collaboration of hip-hop heavyweight Jermaine Dupri.

Amazon Music’s “50 & Forever Concert Series” not only celebrated the genre’s evolution over five decades but also highlighted its ability to unite generations through the power of music. The event’s fusion of old-school classics and contemporary hits echoed the sentiment that hip-hop’s influence is timeless and boundless.

As the crowd absorbed the energy of the performances against the backdrop of the dazzling New York City skyline, it was evident that Amazon Music had orchestrated an unforgettable evening that resonated with the spirit and essence of hip-hop culture.

Glory Ro’z reconnects with his first love and raises the bar in Hip-Hop

Glory Ro’z reconnects with his first love and raises the bar in Hip-Hop

Currently making waves on the international music scene, Glory Ro’z is an artist to watch. With his unique blend of hip-hop and Spanish music, he appeals to a wide range of listeners.

Glory Ro’z’s powerful performances and soulful lyrics demonstrate his passion for music. Glory Ro’z is a homegrown product of Trenton, New Jersey.

The spirit and rich music heritage of New Jersey flow through his veins like blood. Walking through New Jersey with his head held high, Glory Ro’z street credentials are solid as a rock. All four corners of Trenton respect his grind, artistic genius, and character.

Focusing on quality and not quantity, Glory Ro’z’s music catalog contains four ultra-diverse and upper-echelon tracks illuminating his God-given ability to create timeless music. He possesses a distinctive style of rap delivery, creating a very personal musical sound for Glory Ro’z, creating a very special creative lane for him.

Glory Ro’z is a perfect example of what is a dreamchaser.

Glory Ro’z breakout track “Home by Dark” caught the general public off guard and became a fan favorite on Spotify. ‘Home by Dark” contains intricate ingredients of compassion, flawless instrumentation, impeccable vocal range, and unrivaled lyrics.

“Home by Dark” caught the attention of 99.7 DA HEAT Miami’s program director DJ WESWILL. DJ WESWILL is one of New Jersey’s leading power players in the music industry.

DJ WESWILL added ‘Home by Dark” too heavy radio rotation on 99.7 DA HEAT Miami due to its organic critical acclaim from New Jersey. Heading into 2023, Glory Ro’z is laser-focused on living his dream without compromise.

Scotty Mac heads into 2023 with No Plan B in Hip-Hop

Scotty Mac heads into 2023 with No Plan B in Hip-Hop

Sometimes there is only one bridge to your freedom in life.

Being pushed to the brink of failure or destiny is terrifying in a person’s life. Pushing toward your dream without physical confirmation is the ultimate test of a person’s faith in life. Coming face-to-face with the possibility of terminating your aspirations is a psychological nightmare that most people never wake up from in life.

The road we take in life can frequently take many different turns before reaching the desired destination. Nevertheless, sometimes there is only one bridge leading to freedom, and we must cross it alone.

The ultimate test of Scotty Mac’s faith was the continuous push he was determined to make toward his dream of becoming a successful hip-hop artist without any assurance that his vision would come true. Despite all odds, it has taken his unwavering determination and the support of all those around him to achieve his dream.

Scotty Mac is the definition of resiliency.

There is no sign that he is slowing down or giving up your cause as he heads into 2023. As a result of his entrepreneurial attitude, he has been able to achieve a considerable amount of success to date.

Scotty Mac has managed to carve out a place for himself in an industry that is notoriously tough to break into. With a solid fanbase that he has developed and nurtured, Scotty Mac has released numerous high-quality visual and music projects that have garnered global critical acclaim from upper-echelon music executives.

Over the course of his career, Scotty Mac has exemplified how anything can be accomplished with diligent work and dedication.

By pursuing his dream so relentlessly, he has served as an inspirational figure for others who may also be facing challenges in their own lives similar to those he has met. There will always be obstacles standing in your way. However, if you never let them get in your way, you will stand a chance of achieving your dreams no matter what happens in the future.

Scotty Mac is a homegrown product of New York City and the prodigal son of Long Island. Growing up in New York City creates an “eat or be eaten” mentality in native New Yorkers.

Surviving in New York City’s concrete jungle requires futuristic vision, unparalleled adaptability, and rhinoceros skin. Scotty Mac was born with ‘No Plan B’s. People would depend on a ‘Plan B’ and never honestly believed in their ‘Plan A.’

QMOSHYN locates his proverbial light in Hip-Hop culture

QMOSHYN locates his proverbial light in Hip-Hop culture

The power of light is incalculable.

Traveling through darkness and mystification without adequate light is an improbable task in life. Navigating through life’s jagged-edged maze requires unparalleled endurance, bodacious energy and unique clairvoyance. Envisioning your future inside the fog of uncertainty challenges a person’s inner willpower and faith at the highest level.

Life can be challenging at times, which is no secret to anyone. We are inevitably going to face challenges and obstacles along the way as we move forward. There is no doubt that a dark time has come for us all. But if we have the strength and perseverance to push through, we can find our way out of it. During tough times, hip-hop culture has been able to provide a light for Major Recording Artist/Serial Entrepreneur QMOSHYN.

QMOSHYN understands the value of family, faith, and legacy in 2022.

In 2022, QMOSHYN released his family inspired E-Book: Social Media REfreshER Vol.1: The Top 100 Content Creation Tips For Non-Content Creators. QMOSHYN’s innovative book is a short but comprehensive marketing guide that presents 100 turnkey tips for people who are unfamiliar with social media content creation or feel that their schedules do not allow them to devote the necessary time trying to learn it. The Social Media REfreshER Vol. 1 is one of Amazon’s highest-ranking E-books. “Everybody wins when the family eats first.”

Throughout the years, QMOSHYN has found inspiration and hope via his family, community and music. The story of QMOSHYN is proof that when we discover our passion, it can help us overcome any obstacle we face. QMOSHYN’s message to Generation Z is simple: Don’t give up if you’re feeling lost or down. Keep looking for your light, and you’ll find your way.

CVNNON envisions his path to Hip-Hop immortality heading into 2023

CVNNON envisions his path to Hip-Hop immortality heading into 2023

Greatness possesses an ultra-distinctive invisible energy.

Dreaming of your destiny is symbolic. Converting dreams into reality is a manifestation. Speaking things into existence is a casual statement people make without committing to the grind.

Pursuing the path of icons and legendary figures is a complicated process of madness, controlled chaos, unforeseen unpredictability, and mastery. Walking the path of your assumed destiny doesn’t include road signs, maps, or AAA service.

Possessing infrared vision is not a typical physical trait of most people. As the journey becomes darker, a person’s natural eye weakens. Having less visibility means a person must rely on other skills to find their path to the promised land.

Adapting to change and developing to higher levels in life defines a person’s true character. Running the marathon of life includes finding the proper pace, balance, and mental stamina to finish. Climbing the mountain of greatness is equivalent to conquering Mount Everest in life. Believing in something you cannot see or feel is an unnatural human element. This component of life is known as ‘FAITH.’

Having the courage to walk in faith and not sight is a core fundamental of becoming great. Major Recording Artist/Serial Entrepreneur CVNNON illuminates the new face of Generation Z freedom in Hip-Hop.

CVNNON advances his career deeper into the Hip-Hop ecosystem.

A Detroiter’s upbringing is quite different than one in any other city in the country. Living in Detroit demands a person either hunts or becomes the hunted. Making it home every night alive in Detroit is a blessing for young black males throughout Detroit.

Detroit is also the birthplace of soul music. The biggest musical icons have originated or received their wings in Detroit. The spirit of Berry Gordy looms large over the entire city daily.

Major Recording Artist CVNNON is a rare breed of musical genius and talent in rap culture. CVNNON is a natural-born entertainer and was blessed with the gift of human electricity.

Watching CVNNON perform is like watching LL COOL J, DMX, Usher, and James Brown rolled into one on a stage. CVNNON’s live performances give you a sense of rare euphoria and fantasy. CVNNON envisions his path to Hip-Hop immortality heading into 2023.