Vanessa Bryant asks eBay to remove Nike’s Mambacita shoes

Vanessa Bryant asks eBay to remove Nike’s Mambacita shoes

It was reported on eBay that a pair of unauthorized Kobe 6 Protro sneakers called “Mambacita” was being sold for almost $7,000. 

In a tweet released Friday (June 4), eBay Sneakers wrote: “Thanks for your concern.” There is no longer an entry on this company’s website. According to Complex, the sneakers have also been removed from GOAT and Flight Club, while StockX still has them listed for sale. 

In response to reports that someone had purchased shoes Bryant designed in memory of her late husband and daughter, Vanessa Bryant took to social media on Wednesday (June 2). 

My daughter Gianna inspired me to work on this shoe,” Vanessa Bryant wrote. As an exclusive colorway of her daddy’s shoes, it was to be called MAMBACITA. The colors I chose were inspired by her uniform, the number 2 she wore like Gigi Smith’s, the inside pattern, Kobe’s signature instead of Gigi’s, and the details of the shoe (butterfly, wings, halo).” 

Furthermore, she wondered how someone had been able to purchase the “Mambacita” shoes before her and her daughters received them. 

There is no approval for the sale of MAMBACITA shoes. As much as I wanted the shoes to be sold to honor my daughter, ALL the proceeds would go to a foundation I support called @mambamambacitasports, but I did not extend the Nike contract.” In the first place, MAMBACITA shoes were not authorized to be made. I nor my girls have received these pairs from Nike.” 

As of April, Vanessa Bryant rejected the sneaker company’s renewal offer for her husband. Her estate and the estate of her late husband were “frustrated” by Nike’s decision to limit the availability of his products after his death and when he retired.  MAMBACITA is a trademark and global brand managed by Vanessa Bryant.  

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“Ciara and Chris Brown Set the Scene Ablaze in the Vibrant ‘How We Roll’ Music Video”

“Ciara and Chris Brown Set the Scene Ablaze in the Vibrant ‘How We Roll’ Music Video”

In a celebration of music, dance, and camaraderie, Ciara and Chris Brown come together for an electrifying house party in their latest music video, “How We Roll.” The dynamic duo’s infectious energy and undeniable chemistry light up the screen, making it a visual spectacle that fans won’t want to miss.

The video kicks off with Ciara and Chris Brown extending invitations to each other’s parties, sparking a friendly competition to see who can throw the most unforgettable bash. The playful banter sets the stage for a music-filled showdown that unfolds in a unique and engaging way.

Set against a backdrop of vibrant colors and pulsating beats, Ciara and Chris Brown perform their laidback yet groovy R&B anthem, “How We Roll.” The track captures the essence of a carefree party atmosphere, and their smooth vocals effortlessly complement the infectious rhythm. The song’s catchy chorus and memorable melodies create the perfect soundtrack for the lively festivities.

Ciara takes the stage in an all-black ensemble paired with iconic Nike Air Command Forces, showcasing her signature style and commanding presence. Chris Brown makes a striking appearance in a scarlet and white varsity jacket, reminiscent of his iconic “Kiss Kiss” music video look. The pair’s distinct fashion choices add to the visual appeal of the video, emphasizing their individuality and star power.

Their moves pay homage to legends like Michael and Janet Jackson, infusing the performance with a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the history of dance in music. The choreography perfectly complements the track’s upbeat tempo and adds an extra layer of entertainment to the visual experience.

“How We Roll” serves as the lead single from Ciara’s highly anticipated EP, fittingly titled “CiCi,” scheduled for release on August 18, 2023. The project marks a new chapter in her musical journey and is set to showcase her evolution as an artist. Building on the success of her previous album, “Beauty Marks,” the EP promises to deliver an exciting blend of R&B, dance, and pop elements that fans have

come to love.

In “How We Roll,” Ciara and Chris Brown’s dynamic collaboration not only celebrates music and dance but also highlights their genuine connection and shared passion for creating memorable experiences. As fans eagerly anticipate the release of “CiCi,” this visually captivating music video offers a tantalizing glimpse into the vibrant world they can expect to explore.