Polo G’s Sibling, Trench Baby, Faces Murder Accusations: A Deep Dive Into The Case

Polo G’s Sibling, Trench Baby, Faces Murder Accusations: A Deep Dive Into The Case

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The music industry is often associated with glamour and glitz; however, it is not devoid of controversies and legal issues. One such incident that has recently garnered attention involves Polo G‘s brother, a budding rapper known as Trench Baby.

The Incident: A Tragic Los Angeles Shooting

On the night of June 10, a tragic incident unfolded in Los Angeles. The victim, a young man named Dashaun Berry, was found lifeless in a North Hollywood parking lot at approximately 1:30 a.m. The authorities pronounced him dead at the scene, setting off a chain of events that would eventually lead to Trench Baby facing severe legal consequences.

The Aftermath: Trench Baby’s Arrest and Charges

Following the incident, Polo G’s brother, also known by his real name, Taurean Bartlett, was implicated in the crime. He was subsequently arrested and charged with felony murder. Currently, Bartlett is being detained at the Los Angeles’ Men’s Central Jail without bail. His trial is scheduled to begin on November 27.

Aside from the murder charges, Bartlett also faces accusations of first-degree residential robbery and dissuading a witness by force or threat. Interestingly, both these charges involve the same individual.

The Connection: Trench Baby and Polo G’s Legal Troubles

This isn’t the first time Trench Baby and Polo G have had a brush with the law. Back in August, both brothers were arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and kidnapping. The charges stemmed from a police raid on the Chicago rapper’s Los Angeles home.

Polo G, however, managed to secure his release from Burbank Jail after posting a $100,000 bond. His lawyer, Bradford Cohen, stated that Polo G wasn’t the primary focus of the LAPD’s investigation. He emphasized his client’s innocence, stating, “He is not and never was a convicted felon. Any previous charges he had I got dismissed and it’s all public record.”

The Impact: Delay in Polo G’s Upcoming Album Release

Polo G’s music career has also been affected by these events. His upcoming album, Hood Poet, originally set for a September 2023 release, has been postponed. As of now, Apple Music hints at a tentative release date of August 2, 2024.

The Bottom Line

The case involving Polo G’s brother Trench Baby is a stark reminder of the challenges and troubles that can emerge in the entertainment industry. As fans await more music news, the focus remains on the unfolding legal drama. Will justice be served? Only time will tell.

Polo G’s New Album: A Delayed Release Amidst Legal Troubles

Polo G’s New Album: A Delayed Release Amidst Legal Troubles

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Polo G, the renowned Chicago rapper, has recently made an announcement that has left his fans in anticipation. His fifth studio album, ‘Hood Poet’, was expected to hit the music platforms on September 15. However, the artist has decided to postpone its release due to the recent legal troubles he has been facing.

The Announcement

In an Instagram post, Polo G shared news of the delay with his followers. He wrote:

“Wanted to Tap Back in & Let y’all kno imma be postponing my album drop til further notice…just gettin back on track from a minor set back I’ll be updating y’all and droppin new music soon Ik y’all been waitin on me & I appreciate the ones who show genuine support but it’ll be worth the wait I promise.”

The post was a clear indication of Polo G’s commitment to his fans and his music, despite the legal issues he’s been dealing with.

Legal Issues: A Hurdle in the Path

Polo G’s decision to postpone his album comes in the wake of two felony arrests over the span of a few months. These incidents have, unfortunately, hindered the promotional activities for the album.

The rapper was arrested twice within 24 hours, along with his brother, Trench Baby. The Los Angeles Police Department, armed with a search warrant, discovered several firearms and a small quantity of drugs at his residence. Four individuals, including Polo G and his brother, were taken into custody.

Polo G and Trench Baby were later released but were then apprehended once again due to outstanding warrants for assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, and kidnapping. Polo G was released after posting a $100,000 bond, and his brother was released after posting the same amount.

The Impact on Tour Schedule

Polo G was set to embark on a tour with this album. However, even with the album’s delay, the tour schedule is reportedly unaffected. The rapper is still expected to perform in New Mexico in October and continue his journey through Europe in November. A concert is also scheduled in Canada for December.

Past Arrests and Controversies

Polo G’s recent arrests aren’t his first run-ins with the law. In June 2021, he was arrested in Miami after an album release party for his project ‘Hall of Fame’. He was charged with battery on a police officer, threatening a public servant, resisting an officer with violence, and resisting an officer without violence.

In addition, Polo G was also involved in a controversy in 2020 when he claimed that the Miami police targeted him due to his race and wealth.

Looking Forward

Despite these setbacks, Polo G remains hopeful and committed to his music and fans. His recent Instagram post not only communicates the delay of his album but also his plans to release new music soon.

Polo G’s decision to postpone the release of his album underscores the importance he places on giving his best to his fans. His commitment to overcoming setbacks and delivering quality music is commendable.

In the meantime, fans eagerly await the release of ‘Hood Poet’, confident in Polo G’s promise that the wait will be worth it.


Polo G’s journey is a testament to the challenges and obstacles that artists often face in their careers. Despite the legal issues and controversies, his dedication to his craft and his fans remains unwavering.

While the delay of ‘Hood Poet‘ may be disappointing for some, it’s clear that Polo G is working hard to navigate through these challenging times. As they say, the best things in life are worth waiting for. And in this case, the wait for Polo G’s new album promises to be just that.

Polo G: Overcoming Pain and Triumph in “Barely Holdin’ On”

Polo G: Overcoming Pain and Triumph in “Barely Holdin’ On”

Polo G, the Chicago artist known for his emotionally charged music, has released a captivating new music video for his latest single, “Barely Holdin’ On.” Directed by Arrad, the visuals take viewers on a journey through the lives of Diana, Bobbi, Willie, and Deon, showcasing their individual struggles and ultimate triumphs. In this article, we delve into the powerful storytelling of the music video, exploring the themes of addiction, gun violence, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Struggling Narratives

The music video for “Barely Holdin’ On” introduces us to four characters: Diana, Bobbi, Willie, and Deon. Each character represents a different story of struggle and resilience, creating a poignant narrative that resonates with viewers. Through their experiences, Polo G highlights the harsh realities of life and the strength it takes to overcome adversity.

Diana’s Battle with Addiction

Diana’s journey in the music video revolves around her battle with addiction. We witness her struggles, from the initial allure to the devastating consequences. Polo G shines a spotlight on the destructive nature of substance abuse and the toll it takes on individuals and their loved ones. Despite her hardships, Diana’s determination to overcome her addiction serves as a powerful message of hope and redemption.

Bobbi’s Encounter with Gun Violence

Gun violence is a prevalent issue in many communities, and Bobbi’s story reflects the devastating impact it can have on individuals and families. Through Bobbi’s experience, Polo G sheds light on the cycle of violence that plagues society. The music video confronts the harsh realities of losing loved ones to senseless acts of gun violence, emphasizing the need for change and unity in the face of such tragedy.

Willie’s Waiting for a New Heart and Liver

In a heart-wrenching portrayal, Polo G introduces us to Willie, a medical patient waiting for a new heart and liver. This storyline highlights the struggles faced by individuals battling life-threatening illnesses and the resilience needed to endure the waiting process. Polo G’s lyrics and the accompanying visuals evoke empathy and compassion, encouraging viewers to appreciate the preciousness of life and the strength of those facing such challenges.

Polo G’s Personal Trauma

As Polo G weaves together the narratives of Diana, Bobbi, Willie, and Deon, he also shares his own personal trauma through his lyrics. The artist attempts to rationalize his own experiences and the pain he has endured. In the first verse, Polo G mentions his childhood friend, TGucci, who was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting. This poignant moment serves as a reminder of the violence that plagues many communities and the lasting impact it has on individuals.

Polo G’s lyrics extend beyond his own experiences, as he sends condolences to gun violence victims and those suffering in silence. His words resonate with empathy and understanding, acknowledging the pain that others endure. Through his music, Polo G not only shares his story but also provides a voice for those who may feel unheard or forgotten.

“Barely Holdin’ On” and Hood Poet

“Barely Holdin’ On” serves as the second single from Polo G’s highly anticipated album, Hood Poet. As the follow-up to his 2021 release, Hall of Fame 2.0, this album promises to further showcase Polo G’s introspective and thought-provoking style.


Polo G’s music video for “Barely Holdin’ On” is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit. Through the narratives of Diana, Bobbi, Willie, and Deon, Polo G addresses the struggles faced by individuals dealing with addiction, gun violence, and life-threatening illnesses. His lyrics and visuals paint a vivid picture of pain, resilience, and triumph, resonating with audiences on a deep and emotional level.

As Polo G prepares to release his upcoming album, Hood Poet, fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of his storytelling prowess. With his unique ability to connect with listeners through his authentic and relatable lyrics, Polo G solidifies his place as a prominent artist in the music industry. “Barely Holdin’ On” serves as a testament to his talent and his commitment to addressing important societal issues through his art.

Marshmello and Polo G collaborate on “Grown Man”

Marshmello and Polo G collaborate on “Grown Man”

It has been announced today (March 31) that Marshmello has teamed up with Polo G and Southside to bring you “Grown Man,” a genre-bending banger produced in addition by Luca Presti. With this track, Polo G sets the stage for his lyrics which discuss financial success, the street life, and more.

In the past two years, Marshmello has released his fourth studio album, Shockwave, a 12-track offering featuring DJ Sliink, TroyBoi, NITTI, Megan Thee Stallion, Carnage (now known as Gordo), Juicy J, and more. After that, he maintained his momentum through a series of loose drops, including: “ESTILAZO” “Before U,” featuring Tokischa, “Party Jumpin’” featuring Jamie Brown, “Numb” featuring Khalid, “American Psycho” featuring Trippie Redd and Mae Muller, and “El Merengue” featuring Manuel Turizo. In addition, he has handled boards for artists such as Rico Nasty, 24kGoldn, ShaunTheKiddd, Young K.I., LIL DUSTY G, Oliver Tree, Alesso, and Juice WRLD.

The music of Marshmello was provided by ESPN during September of 2022 for the “Monday Night Football” episode during the current season of the National Football League (NFL). The result of this partnership of Polo G & Marshmello was the creation of a dance floor-friendly remix of “Heavy Action”, which has served as the theme song for “Monday Night Football” since the 1970s. Marshmello provided an overview of his experience working with the network in a press release. “To work with ESPN is a dream come true for me I have been a Monday Night Football and NFL fan since I was a young boy,” he continued.

With the release of the “G Nikes” video, Nardo Wick connects with Polo G

With the release of the “G Nikes” video, Nardo Wick connects with Polo G

It was announced in July that Nardo Wick would release a deluxe edition of his debut album Who is Nardo Wick?. As part of this edition, you will find 31 tracks as well as additional features by Lil Baby, BIG30, Lil Durk, 21 Savage, The Kid LAROI, Future, and more. A new visual has been released for “G Nikes” by the Florida rapper, a Versa-produced track featuring Chicago’s own Polo G. For the hard-hitting track, which focuses on making money, street life, and more, the following bars have been included:

A clip accompanying the song “G Nikes” shows “Who Wants Smoke?” This video depicts the rapper and his fellow inmates taking control of a prison complex. Near the end of the film, Polo appears with his collaborator for a lavish dinner.

An interview Nardo gave in the past discussed his transition from sports to music in the following manner:

As I explained earlier, I was no longer feeling it and I knew what needed to be done. As a result, I knew I wanted to become a rapper. In the early days of my rap career, I became aware of my desire to rap. As for football, it is going to take too long… ‘Cause if I were still in football, I would still be broke right now. I was hoping I would’ve returned to college if I didn’t make it.”