A Deep Dive Into Rich The Kid’s Journey: From “Carnival” to “Life’s a Gamble”

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Rich The Kid, the Atlanta-based rap luminary, has been undeniably making waves in the music industry for years. From his groundbreaking hits like “New Freezer” and “Plug Walk” that helped set the stage for the dab dance trend, to his relentless commitment to honing his craft, Rich has proven time and again that he’s far from finished.

The Unabated Journey of Rich The Kid

It’s not uncommon to hear critiques about his perceived lack of musical output. But, as Rich himself asserts, he’s always been diligently working on his craft and refining his sound. People who believe he’s been slacking simply don’t understand his process.

“A lot of people be like, ‘Damn, your ass has not been putting out music’ or some shit like that,” he tells Complex. “But the whole time, I’ve just been perfecting the craft, perfecting my sound. I’m always working, so motherfuckers who don’t think I’m working, you’re wrong.”

His last solo album, “Boss Man“, was released nearly four years ago, followed by “Trust Fund Babies” with Lil Wayne, which came out about two and a half years ago. Nevertheless, Rich The Kid has caught a fresh gust of wind lately, hitting the zenith of his career with his first-ever No. 1 song, “Carnival,” a phenomenal collaboration with Ye, Ty Dolla Sign, and Playboi Carti.

Upcoming Album: “Life’s a Gamble”

Now, Rich is gearing up for the release of his new album, titled “Life’s a Gamble“. The title choice was instinctive, reflecting his lifelong habit of betting on himself. This self-belief has been a driving force throughout his career, from the days when he spent every dime to promote his music with CDs and flyers, to his more recent ventures.

He recalls those early days with a sense of wonder. “It still sounds insane to me now, but those early grinding habits came full circle,” he asserts. His determination and self-belief were put to the test when he had to embark on a flight followed by a grueling hour-and-a-half taxi ride to a resort in Saudi Arabia. He was there to work with Ye and Ty Dolla Sign on their joint album, “Vultures“. His decision to go, despite the challenges, was in line with Ye’s own words, “Name one genius that ain’t crazy.”

Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid on “Carnival”

“Carnival,” the chart-topping track from “Vultures“, is a testament to Rich’s unyielding work ethic and his knack for recognizing a hit. Just a few weeks after their recording sessions in Saudi Arabia, Ty reached out to Rich to decide which of their two songs would best fit the “Vultures” album.

“I instantly was like, ‘Oh yeah, ‘Carnival’ is one,’” Rich remembers. “It’s got the energy. When I first heard the beat, I already knew it was a new sound. I was already ready for it.”

“Carnival” has since become a massive success, igniting stadiums with its anthemic energy. For Rich, the track’s success is a source of pride, and he doesn’t take kindly to suggestions that it was merely a stroke of luck.

“I kind of felt a way about that because I made this song, we made this song. I went in the booth, I recorded it—I didn’t write it down, I freestyled it—and we made magic. And now you’re talking about I’m lucky, like the words didn’t come out of my mouth, like I ain’t say it. How the fuck am I lucky? I chose the beat. It was like, get off my dick.”

The Road to “Life’s a Gamble”

As Rich gears up for the release of “Life’s a Gamble“, he’s chosen to collaborate with Ye once more. After “Carnival” clinched the No. 1 spot, Ye reached out to Rich, expressing his interest in executive producing the project alongside Ty. Since then, they have been in the studio, working day in and day out to perfect the sound.

Most of the album was already in place before Ye came aboard, but with his involvement, they have been reworking and refining the tracks. This approach is a stark contrast to Rich’s studio sessions with Lil Wayne for “Trust Fund Babies“, where they focused on churning out tracks. With Ye, the process is more nuanced and focused on perfecting each element.

Despite the controversy surrounding Ye in recent times, Rich was undeterred. He’s always been about the music and doing what’s best for the sound. His unwavering commitment to his craft and the desire to make music history are what drive him.

“For one, it’s Ye and it’s the music. I’m just focused on the music and doing what’s the best for the sound. Making history, music, and stamping what we’ve been doing now.”

Looking Forward

Rich The Kid’s journey is a testament to hard work, relentless self-belief, and the determination to forge his own path in the music industry. With the upcoming release of “Life’s a Gamble“, fans and critics alike are eager to see what Rich has in store. One thing is for sure, he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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