A new album from DJ Khaled includes a song called ‘God Did’

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In the music industry, DJ Khaled is considered to be one of the greatest ever and at this point, this cannot be denied. Listen…The Album, the debut album by the Miami-bred music mogul, appeared in 2006, and the Miami-bred artist has been producing hits almost every year since then. It has been his one and only role to curate some of the hottest collaborations we’ve ever seen, many of which have given us timeless music. You would have been outside when records such as “I’m So Hood,” “Brown Paper Bag,” etc. Once Khaled’s name and catalog have been a part of heavy rotation, you will have first hand experience of the weight that it holds. It is with great pleasure that DJ Khaled announces the release of his 13th studio album, God Did.

In social media comments, many have pointed out that Khaled assembled the Avengers for this effort. This should come as no surprise since he’s known for assembling the top talent. A recent interview with Billboard revealed that Jay-Z chose the album cover and labelled God Did Khaled’s best work. Since I am one of the biggest JAY-Z fans around, I actually let him choose the cover for my album. Khaled says he usually sees which cover he’ll pick when I give him an option, and it’s happened again this time,” he explained. “As soon as I finished playing the album, he came up to me and said, ‘Yo, this is your best album.’ JAY-Z, I love you, and you know that.”

As one of this year’s most important releases, this album will not be missed. It has also contributed to further cementing DJ Khaled’s legacy.

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