A touching performance from Monaleo on “Miss U Already”

by | Dec 19, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

It has been a hectic weekend for Monaleo since she returned with her latest offering, the powerful ballad “Miss U Already.” This powerful new track finds the Houston native addressing loss, grief stages, and mental health issues through her lyrics. As part of the release, Monaleo has teamed up with John Tashiro to direct a performance video featuring a choir that she personally hand-picked. There are some soulful lyrics that she delivers on the track, as she pays homage to those who have been in her life but are no longer with her in this world:

“A few months ago, Monaleo opened up my recording studio and invited my followers to record and sing with me, which is how the song “Miss U Already” came to be,” she wrote on her Instagram account about how the song ended up together. “From all the submissions I received, I scoured through them and selected the nine that you see standing behind me. They came to the studio, mastered the song very quickly, and amazed me with their voices.”

A viral single by Monaleo called “We Not Humping” made waves at the beginning of this year. In the months that followed, she contacted Flo Milli to perform the song’s official remix. A number of singles from the “First Draft Pick” rapper have been released throughout 2021, allowing fans to enjoy them including “Girls Outside,” “Suck It Up,” “Lock It Down,” “Draft Pick” with DJ Chose, along with one of her most heard singles, “Beating Down Yo Block.”

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