According to Akon, Canada dominates the hip-hop music industry

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There is a shift in hip hop’s dominance, according to Akon. As recently as last week, Konvict Muzik’s owner stated that the South is no longer in charge and no longer calling the shots in the music industry.

Akon said during an appearance on the ”Big Homies House” podcast that Atlanta, for sure, has been a driving force in hip hop, but the true dominating force in this genre has to be Canada, he said. Continuing, he went on to say that they were dominating the music industry. You have The Weeknd, you have Justin Bieber, and they have Drake, Tory Lanez, and Others.

As far as the Black mecca of the South is concerned, the entrepreneur said it is not all lost. The city that represents some of hip hop’s biggest figures has a significant cultural influence that cannot be ignored.

My point is not about influence, but rather from a business perspective. Atlanta has a huge influence because everything those guys in Canada are is a product of this city. Don’t get that twisted. Akon said Atlanta was the place where urban music was born.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Atlanta took over the hip hip music scene. In spite of the fact that the South had been established in the industry since its early days, it was only after artists like Outkast and Goodie Mob made it known that the region had something to say that it became recognized globally as the new center for hip-hop music.

According to him, During the time of Lil Jon and JD introducing the 808 to the world, Atlanta changed how people perceived hip hop. When Atlanta came, it brought culture. They brought color, style, fashion, and influence. Before it was New York and then California, but now it’s Atlanta that brings culture.

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