Accused in Pop Smoke’s Murder to be Represented by O.J. Simpson’s prosecutor

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Accused in Pop Smoke’s Murder to be Represented by O.J. Simpson’s prosecutor

Accused in Pop Smoke’s Murder to be Represented by O.J. Simpson's prosecutor

Briefly, Eric Holder, who is accused of killing Nipsey Hussle, was also represented by Christopher Darden.

Christopher Darden, the famous prosecutor who represented O.J. Simpson, will also be representing Corey Walker, one of the accused in the murder investigation of Pop Smoke. Last year, the attorney was briefly in the headlines for representing Eric Holder, the alleged killer of Nipsey Hussle.

On Monday (August 24), Walker and one of his co-defendants appeared attended the pre-trial hearing at the court. After being charged with murder last month, Walker and Rodgers were arrested last month. Jaquan Murphy, another defendant, was not charged with any crime, but was taken into custody on suspicion of attempted murder. In connection with the same case, two unidentified teenage suspects were also arrested and charged with murder and robbery.

Monday’s hearing largely involved debates about whether Rodgers should be tried as a juvenile

Rodgers’ criminal record sheet holds three different dates of birth, and Los Angeles district attorney noted that one of them denotes that at the time of Pop’s death, he would have been a minor. Rodger’s legal counsel was directed to verify his client’s date of birth and Judge Miguel Espinoza sought written proof of the same by Wednesday (Aug. 26).

To ensure Rodger’s safety, authorities may place him in “keep-away” protection during the case.

Legal counsel of Walker, minus Darden, did not file a plea for him on Monday (Aug 24). It is expected that he will plead not guilty at the next preliminary hearing to be held later this week. The suspects are accused of breaking into a Hollywood Hills home rented by Pop, the night of his death. His posts on social media helped them find out where he stayed, according to the Associated Press. Previously, authorities confirmed that several things were stolen from Pop’s home, who was shot during the robbery.

The 20-year-old rapper was rushed to a local hospital shortly after and passed away Police are asking those with any information related to the case to get in touch with the LAPD’s Robbery and Homicide Division or leave an anonymous report with LA Crime Stoppers. Rest in peace, Pop Smoke.


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