A sophomore album dedicated to Takeoff is “fueled by The Rocket” by Quavo

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In his ongoing efforts to put a stamp on Takeoff’s legacy, Quavo continues to lift up the legacy of Takeoff as he nears the release of his sophomore solo album, Rocket Power. As some fans have been looking forward to a follow-up to Quavo Huncho, the up-and-coming project is expected to drop sometime this summer.

In an interview with Insider published earlier this week, Quavo confirmed the album was dedicated to Takeoff. “As far as i am concerned, I am fueled by The Rocket,” he told XXL in an interview with the publication on April 5th, referring to the late rapper’s nicknameThe release date for this project has not been disclosed at this time. My apologies, but I am certain that hip-hop fans are still struggling with the loss of Takeoff in such a tragic manner. As a matter of fact, only five months have passed since the Migos group member lost his life in a shooting during a private party in Houston, Texas, which left others injured as well.

Quavo released a heartfelt tribute to the 28-year-old rapper following a memorial service for the artist. In it, The Last Rocket emcee was referred to as the angel of his life due to the way he treated him. It wasn’t until January that the lyricist further expressed his heartbreak through his tune, “Without You.”

The 32-year-old is not only paying homage to a late cultural trendsetter by making music, but he is doing it in countless other ways as well. During the Grammy Awards in February, Quavo returned to the stage to perform for the first time since the tragic passing of Takeoff at the Grammy Awards. There was a noticeable difference in his appearance, as he wore a mask that covered part of his right side of the face with the left part showing. As it turned out, that was also a nod to his nephew, as it turned out to be another nod to him.

“The loss of my other half symbolizes the loss of my whole. I want my performance to be a reminder of his presence with me in every way,” he explained. On the latest release from Huncho, “Honey Bun,” he mentions the mask throughout the song when he raps, “I don’t know how you can come outside without your mask on? / It’s because they want to see my emotions, I am not smiling at all.”

While he has become less inclined to smile these days, it was evident that he was delighted to be able to join his Praise This castmates for the world premiere on April 3 in Atlanta, Georgia. The movie, which is currently available on Peacock, is a feature film in which he plays Ty, one of the love interests of Chloë Bailey’s character, Sam.

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