ASAP Relli’s Testimony: A Tale of Betrayal and Assault

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Two years post the alleged incident, ASAP Relli, former member of the ASAP Mob, finally broke his silence in court about the terrifying night he claims he was shot by ASAP Rocky.

The Unveiling of an Unimaginable Truth

Terell Ephron, who was previously known as ASAP Relli, took the stand in a Los Angeles courtroom to retell the bone-chilling events that took place on that fateful night. His testimony was as much about the alleged assault as it was about the history of the relationship he shared with the superstar rapper, ASAP Rocky.

Ephron brought to light the evolution of his rapport with Rocky, describing how the camaraderie between the two gradually morphed into a tense rivalry as Rocky’s fame began to rise.

2. Rocky’s Unfulfilled Promise

The breaking point arrived when Rocky committed to aiding the family of a deceased member of the Mob, a promise Ephron claims Rocky never honored. This act of betrayal, according to Ephron, instigated the events that led to the alleged assault.

On November 6, 2021, Ephron received a demanding phone call from Rocky, inquiring about his whereabouts. This call led to a meeting between the two at a Los Angeles hotel. Ephron alleges that Rocky, accompanied by several men, brandished a firearm at him. According to Ephron’s testimony, Rocky threatened him by placing the gun against his stomach and stating, “I’ll kill you right now.”

The Aftermath

Despite the immediate threat, Ephron was not shot at that moment. However, he claims that the sound of gunshots filled the air shortly after they split ways. He felt a burning sensation in his hand and alleges that he was shot four times by Rocky before the rapper fled the scene. Ephron chose not to report to the police until the following day, out of fear for his life.

Evidence Presented in Court

According to a report by Rolling Stone, a grainy video of the alleged shooting was presented in court. This footage, despite its lack of clarity, could potentially play a significant role in the case.

The video portrays a group of men embroiled in a scuffle at a Los Angeles intersection. While the shooting is not explicitly visible without enhancement, the court observed one individual sprinting away from the scene as the rest dispersed in all directions. Ephron, commenting on the video’s quality, said, “It’s a little blurry, but you can make out everybody.”

The Defamation Lawsuit

In addition to the assault case, Ephron has filed a defamation lawsuit against both Rocky and his attorney, Joe Tacopina. Ephron alleges that Tacopina initiated a media campaign that painted him as a dishonest opportunist, resulting in death threats and public humiliation.

Tacopina, in response to the lawsuit, stated, “This is actually nothing more than a publicity stunt which is going to backfire badly. I more than welcome this lawsuit especially because the resolution of the criminal case has not happened yet.”

In a heated moment during the court proceedings, Ephron addressed Tacopina directly, stating, “You’re just paid to be here. Me and this man knew each other for years.”

Rocky’s Stand

Rocky, who was present during Ephron’s testimony, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The hearing is set to resume on Thursday, November 9.

In this era of Music News filled with controversies and shocking revelations, this case stands as a testament to the dark side of fame and the potential consequences of unresolved conflicts. Only time will tell the outcome of this legal battle and the future of both ASAP Relli and ASAP Rocky.

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