Black Sherif Teams Up with Mabel: A Call for Serenity Through “Zero”

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Black Sherif, the Ghanaian sensation, and Mabel, the British starlet, have recently collaborated on a track entitled “Zero.” This song, an attempt to counterbalance the increasingly toxic climate of online discourse, carries a potent message of positivity.

A Closer Look at “Zero”

“Zero,” masterfully produced by Ghana’s own Joker Nharnah, showcases the unique styles of Black Sherif and Mabel. The track is a refreshing endeavor to simmer down the heated atmosphere and advocate for “zero drama.” The accompanying music video, a brainchild of Troy Roscoe, presents Sherif and Mabel as peacemakers amidst escalating disputes and confrontations.

Black Sherif’s Meteoric Rise to Fame

After releasing his debut album, “The Villain I Never Was,” Black Sherif has been riding an enormous wave of success. His fame has spread from his homeland, Ghana, to the UK, Europe, and even further afield. In just eighteen months, he’s had a song featured on the Creed III soundtrack and has released a series of successful singles, including the poignant “Take Care Of Yourself Blacko” two-tracker.

A Quieter Year for Mabel

Mabel, in contrast, had a quieter 2023. This followed a year packed with new releases, culminating with her latest album, “About Last Night.”

Visuals for “Zero”
Black Sherif and Mabel in "Zero" music video

Check out the visuals for “Zero” above and don’t forget to add this track to your music collection.


The collaboration of Black Sherif and Mabel on “Zero” is a testament to the power of music in addressing societal issues. It’s a call for peace amidst the frenzied online world, and a reminder that even in the face of adversity, positivity can prevail.

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