BlocBoy JB drops off new visual for “MURSIC”

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It’s been a couple of days since BlocBoy JB tipped off his new song titled “MURSIC,” which is obviously a nod to the rapper’s deep Memphis accent, which frequently appears on his tracks. The Karey Muney-produced record is full of hard-hitting rhymes that take aim at BlocBoy JB’s high-end lifestyle and his street connections:

“The video for “MURSIC” comes in the form of a matching visual produced by Spizzberg and Faceoff Visuals as part of a matching project. There is a scene in the clip where he appears with his crew at a desert location, where they have a brightly colored Corvette and a couple of four-wheelers with them. This video features clips from old western movies woven throughout, echoing Muney’s nostalgic production in which old Western films are interspersed with footage from modern films.

He now appears to be aligned with Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group. BlocBoy JB first made his mark in the music industry with Drake’s collaboration “Look Alive” in 2018. As he previously mentioned in a past interview, he has high expectations for how the song will be perceived post-release:

“After it was released for the first time, they asked me, ‘How many views do you think it’s going to get in a day?’ I answered, ‘Uh, 100,000.’ That thing blew up like crazy. While I know it’s a banger, it’s not always the case that you get the most out of things the first time around. Whenever it happens, you think to yourself, “Damn, this really happened.” The problem with my mind is that it always takes me to places I have no expectations.”

Also talking about his experience in collaborating with 21 Savage for a hit record called “Rover 2.0,” he shared some of his thoughts about the experience:

As I wrote Rover, I was sitting in the back of a truck when I first started writing it. It is not a Rover, but an Explorer… I am confident that this is an extremely difficult song. In other words, if I am unable to stop listening to a song, then I have discovered something, since I am quick to move on to the next song.”

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