Central Cee releases “Ungrateful” video

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

The rapper Central Cee released his new album 23 earlier this month, which consists of 15 songs and the contributions of artists such as Ashe 22, Baby Gang, Freeze Corleone, A2anti, Morad, Beny Jr, and Rondodasosa’s genuine brother Juke Caesar provide guest appearances on “Lil Bro.” Cee managed to become a number one artist on the UK Albums chart for the first time, beating out the name of the last single from Tears For Fears, The Tipping Point.

This week, Cench decided to release a new music video for “Ungrateful,” the Levi Lennox-produced track that finds the West London singer discussing his mental health as well as misdemeanors from his past.

With “Ungrateful,” Kunography provides the accompanying clip, which exhibits Central Cee on his own at what appears to be his luxurious residence. Besides getting a fresh haircut, you might also catch him on a rooftop playing some ball.

Compared to Wild West last year, 23 has 14 songs and none of them feature. With 15,000 albums equivalent units sold in its first week from the time it was released, the project reached the number two spot on the chart, making Central Cee the frontrunner of the UK drill movement.

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