Cris Cray is the perfect reflection of perseverance and God’s light

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Life is never about where you’re from, but what you become.   

Sixteen thousand five hundred forty-three people reside in Stuart, Florida, as of 2019. The city of Stuart, Florida, is known for a lot of things, but not for Hip-Hop.  

 Major Recording Artist Cris Cray is driven to become a Hip-Hop Icon & open doors for future Generation Z music creators coming “Straight Outta Stuart.” The childhood of Cris Cray was influenced heavily by music, crime, drugs, economic struggles, rage, passion, & love. As a child, his parents encouraged his musical vision and inner desire to create music. Having watched the Notorious B.I.G. & 2Pac rap videos as a child, he started writing lyrics from them.  

They inspired Cris Cray to dream of being an Icon of Hip-Hop due to their lyrical delivery & swag. Cris Cray’s lyrics always centered around his passion for life, self-empowerment, defining your purpose, & spiritual healing.  

When Cris Cray was just 18, he experienced the harsh realities of incarceration. As a result of his imprisonment, Cris reflected on his life, mistakes, and associates and discovered a new purpose for his music. 

Cris Cray is cut from a rare musical cloth in life. 

For Cris Cray, crafting lyrics that uplift & motivate youth culture became his new mission. Cris Cray understood the power of God & how he was able to save himself during the darkest moments of his incarceration due to his divine intervention. 

 It is rare for a person in this world to be able to understand how blessings from the highest force in the universe should be interpreted. Cris Cray can extract raw emotions from his soul and convey them through music as spiritual, inspirational poems. 

In 2018, Cris Cray launched his own Multimedia Company, which includes a record label, a clothing line, T.V./Film & global merchandising. Since 2018, Cris Cray has dropped multiple radio singles to critical acclaim from upper-echelon music executives.  

The lead track, “Spiritual,” has become a favorite among fans on Instagram and Spotify. ‘Spiritual’ lyrics express people’s deepest desires, faith, and perspectives. ‘Spiritual’ is currently in heavy radio rotation on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI powered by iHeartRadio.  

Cris Cray is a leading Generation Z voice in the NFT, Web3, and crypto markets. He’s currently integrating his music, message, and brand into the blockchain world.   

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