‘Diary Of The Flow Queen’ is the debut album by Erica Banks

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

It is always stimulating to see new rappers rise to fame from the bottom up, especially when it is a woman who has made her mark. There is no doubt that the south has produced some high quality talent over the past few decades. Rap, in particular, enjoys great success and legacy throughout the south, especially in Texas. Rising stars such as Erica Banks are bound to hold household names in the near future because of their ability and work ethic. It’s still pretty early in the game for Ms. DeSoto, but she is definitely making a mark on the game right now. Diary Of a Flow Queen, the debut studio album from Erica Banks, is out today (June 17).

Despite the sluggish start to the year, music in general has been doing well this year, and Erica Banks has certainly contributed at a fabulous pace. The DeSoto rapper’s hit single “Bust It” came fresh from her tour and set the tone for all of the great things she will be able to give to us in the days ahead. Diary Of a Flow Queen is a manifesto of the artist’s ascendance to the top and a clear demonstration that she is here to stay.

In an interview with HotNewHipHop, Banks discussed how surprised she was to hear that DaBaby wanted her to sign to his Billion Dollar Baby label after just a year of rapping: “I just wasn’t expecting it to happen so fast.” I had just started rapping a year before, and then he reached out to me, although it wasn’t very recently. However, I was overwhelmed. When you have people offering different goods in different locations, you’re left wondering, “Where should I go?” I simply go with my intuition.

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