Don Chief expands his business empire to film, clothing and TV in 2020

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Editorial Pick, Latest, Music News | 3 comments

The year 2020 will be forever known as COVID-19. Over 290,000 families lost a loved one and endured immeasurable pain. The  entire world is living in a new normal, including people wearing masks, social distancing, and being afraid to assemble in  massive group settings. The music industry was struck increasingly challenging and fast by COVID-19 in 2020.  

Artist’s ability to perform live and tour, which generate millions of dollars, was halted entirely in 2020. Recording artists  scrambled to find alternative methods to generate money and stay afloat financially. The word ‘HUSTLE’ has many forms of  definition. To the general masses, it means “to force one’s way or proceed to work rapidly.”  

Black people’s definition of hustle means “make a way out of no way.” Every day is marked as do or die in the jungle known as  the ‘hood.’ Every second means eat or be eaten, and street rules of engagements are held to the highest standards.  

Hip-Hop is the #1 music genre worldwide and influences all human races and ethnicities. Music is the universal language of the  world and provides therapy for people’s souls. CEO and Major Recording Artist Don Chief is an original classic in rap culture.  Born in the trenches of unconventional pain and struggle, God gifted Don Chief with ‘Championship DNA.’ They say, “don’t  mess with Texas,” which includes ‘Don Chief.’ 

Every time you look into the eyes of Don Chief, a person feels an immediate connection of leadership and security. His history  and personal reputation are certified on every block in Texas. Being a natural-born leader comes with an abnormal capacity of  pressure and expectation from family, friends, and ultimately life.  

In 2014, Don Chief launched the ‘Eatgreedy Music Group’ multimedia imprint. ‘Eatgreedy Music Group’ encompasses a music  label, clothing line, television, and film production, divisions. ‘Eatgreedy Music Group’ and all its subsidiaries create strategic  business opportunities for emerging artists and actors.  

The ‘Eatgreedy’ music imprint has amassed 5,000,000 digital streams across all platforms in 5+ years. The shadow of great  expectation looms largely over Don Chief, reflecting in his tireless work ethic. COVID-19 changed generated an incalculable  amount of loss in 2020. COVID-19 forced the music industry to alter its business model by 180 degrees.

Don Chief understands the pressure to succeed in 2021 amongst COVID-19’s presence. Don Chief’s mentality is designed ‘WAR  READY,’ and he never flinches in moments of high stakes and uncertainty. Don Chief fully understands that ‘heavy is the head  that wears a crown’, and in 2021, his reign will continue.

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Xay Way
Xay Way
3 years ago

Major moves 💯💪🏿

Xay Way
Xay Way
3 years ago

Always make a Way outta no Way 💯💯💯

Xay Way
Xay Way
3 years ago

Let’s eat 💪🏿💯