Drake Takes a Generous Step: Offers to Cover Fan’s Divorce Expenses during Newark Concert

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Drake, the renowned rapper and songwriter, continues to shower his generosity on fans during his ongoing ‘It’s All A Blur – Big As the What?’ tour. In an unexpected move, the Canadian artist offered to pay for one lucky fan’s divorce during his performance at the Prudical Center in Newark, New Jersey.

A Unique Offer

As seen in a video that has since gone viral on various social media platforms, Drake singled out a fan in the crowd, making her an unusual promise. The reason behind this particular exchange remains unclear. However, it adds to the list of surprises Drake has given his fans during his current tour.

“I’m [going to] get you a good lawyer and we gon’ pay for your divorce tonight,” Drake told the fan. “You gon’ be single and ready to mingle.” Drake added that the soon-to-be single lady was “fine as hell” and “needs to be single out here.”

An Extended Gesture

The conversation didn’t end there. Drake went a step further, offering to cover the expenses of a potential date if the woman found someone in the crowd willing to take her out.

“Aye, and while you at it, you need to find you somebody to take you out on a date, too,” he said. “I’ll pay for that date too.”

Drake’s Charitable Acts during ‘It’s All A Blur – Big As the What?’ Tour

Drake is no stranger to performing acts of charity during his concerts. Earlier in February, the For All the Dogs rapper gifted $50,000 to a cancer survivor. A few days before that, he promised a fan who had just completed a round of chemotherapy treatments, a whopping sum of $100,000. In March, during a performance in Kansas City, Drake offered to settle the mortgage for a fan’s deceased mother’s house.


In conclusion, Drake’s actions continue to surprise and delight his fans. As the ‘It’s All A Blur – Big As the What?’ tour progresses, fans are left wondering what other surprises Drake has in store. One thing is for sure, Drake’s generosity knows no bounds.

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