Drew Brees’ Helmet Reads ‘Jacob Blake’

Drew Brees’ Helmet Reads 'Jacob Blake'

On Thursday, the New Orleans Saints chose to attend practice, albeit several players, including Drew Brees, put up a label “Jacob Blake” on their helmets in order to demonstrate their support towards the BLM movement.

For Brees, it is an interesting move, as it comes after he changed his stance regarding the whole debate related to the national anthem kneeling protest, wherein he admitted that he was not aware that the idea was to throw light upon police brutality and not to disrespect the flag or the military.

On Thursday, the Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers cancelled their practices with an intention of putting emphasis on issues related to social justice.

Moreover, a day after several teams in the NBA chose not to play their Game 5 playoff games in order to express their outrage pertaining to the Jacob Blake shooting, NFL players also decided to follow suite.

Among the teams that chose to cancel their activities on Thursday, was the Washington Football Team.

The decision was taken after having a conversation with new team president Jason Wright, head coach Ron Rivera informed.

“Jason Wright and I worked this afternoon to develop a response that has the right balance between the business of football and being truly thoughtful about the social injustice we witnessed with this latest incident in Wisconsin.”

“We went to Mr. Snyder with our plan for tomorrow and we were given his complete support and approval.”

The plan was to return to football on Friday, Rivera said, explaining that Thursday will “be about reflection instead.”

“In place of our practice at FedExField, the players, coaches and football staff will meet as a football family and we will continue our open dialogue on the issues of racism and social injustice in our country.”

However, on Thursday, in NFL, the Ravens, Giants, Patriots and Buccaneers proceeded with their games as scheduled.

The Ravens explained, “Our team decided to practice this morning. After practice, the team will come together for a meeting to discuss and work on a plan for continued social justice reform efforts.”


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