Hard drive containing exclusive Tupac content is up for sale

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According to TMZ, the hard drive, previously owned by Pac’s former bodyguard Frank Alexandar, is being sold by 

Starting price for the drive is listed at a value of $10,000, but it could sell for more than $600,000. 

Following the successful auction, the lucky winner will access unreleased music, depositions, and never-before-seen photos of Pac. 

Gaining from the auction also is the foundation which will receive 10 percent of total earnings. 

Bidding last month saw a lucky bidder spend more than $22,390 for the rapper’s notebook, which contained five of his handwritten notes. 

Auctioning of Tupac’s belongings last year. Also saw Love letters he penned being sold for $75,600 to a fan who purchased the collection. 

Since celebrity items in auctions attract a competitive demand, exclusive Tupac items are arguably higher, considering his storied career and untimely demise. 

Displaying at Celebrity Cars Las Vegas showroom is Tupac’s BMW, which has since been repaired. 

Being the last place that vehicle that Tupac was in before being shot makes his BMW a priced item in the showroom. 

Existing pieces of Tupac’s treasure also include; a collection of rare Tupac photos taken by hip-hop journalist and photographer Lawrence “Loupy D” Dotson at the 2Pacalypse Now album. 

Auctioning of Tupacs photos taken by hip-hop journalist and photographer Lawrence “Loupy D” Dotson was also done. 

Speaking to the rolling stone, Loupy D Dotson said you can see it in his eyes: the determination, the passion, the swagger, and the shine 

According to Loupy, by looking at the photos, Pac knew what he was going for an on stage that night, becoming the legend he is. 

Amazing aspect of the photos is that they portray a side of the man few people get to see since he is not wearing jewels and Versace but appears humble and hungry. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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