Drügs Clothing is a Lifestyle Brand and an acronym for “Do Right U Gain Success”. In 2015 D.R.Ü.G.S. was legally Est.

Drügs Clothing is a Lifestyle Brand and an acronym for “Do Right U Gain Success”. In 2015 D.R.Ü.G.S. was legally Est. in New York City, by Donah “Chants” Sandford  a well rounded Fine Artist, writer, singer and businesswoman who stepped behind the scenes to restructure the brand, inspire like minded individuals and push culture forward. Her main focus after taking ownership of The Brand was first and foremost securing and regulating the Federal Registration Mark Worldwide, customer satisfaction, solidifying compatible designers and communicating with organizations dedicated to community service programs. We now have the capability to customize and manufacture your exclusive Drügs and currently have 28 stores as our exclusive legal dealers.  We are finally ready to branch out and introduce D.R.Ü.G.S. to The World. *Do Right U Gain Success* We customize fabric, trimmings, details, sketch new seasonal streetwear vibes, finance and hire rare gifted peers motivated to uphold the foundation of which this company was founded on. Loyalty, integrity, honesty, health awareness, random acts of faith and good intention. 

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IG: @byblackmadonah @drugsgang Artist IG: @the_real_chance_ You can apply to work with us at Email: mailto:[email protected]ügs Clothing is a Lifestyle Brand 

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