During the Tonight Show, Coco Jones delivered a stellar performance of the song “ICU”

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Coco Jones has continued to rise to stardom. During her debut as a late-night television star on (March 29), the “Bel-Air” star introduced herself to the public after taking the stage to make her late night television debut on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” In her performance of the song, which has been gaining popularity over social media thanks to the viral TikTok challenge, the “Bel-Air” star demonstrated her stunning voice while performing the song. A shimmering ethereal gown adorned the singer’s body as she sang about an unforgettable love as she sang:

The Nashville-bred singer Coco Jones recently earned her first placement on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making her the first artist from her hometown to do so. Earlier in the week, we reported that “ICU” debuted at No. 88 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is set to ascend further. A few months after Jones performed the song at the BET Soul Train Awards in 2022 and at the BET Soul Train Awards in 2023, the song has gained quite a bit of popularity on TikTok as well as on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” after she performed it at the event a few months later.

The highly anticipated debut EP of Coco Jones was released back in October 2022 and it has been quite a bit of attention since then. Known as What I Didn’t Tell You, the album served as a vessel for sharing “all of the stories and narratives that happen behind the scenes, off camera.” Having enhanced the original release with the official deluxe upgrade, the album added tracks such as “Put You On,” “Plan B,” “Fallin’,” and “Simple,” an original song which was part of her collaboration with Babyface’s Girls Night Out project.

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