“Entrepreneur Talk” With Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper A Hit Show On The Rise

by | Mar 23, 2021 | WILDE TUNA | 1 comment

Rarely does an artist get to highlight his or her success on the business side of the industry, as we often only look at them for the art. Jerome Romeo Clanton also known as Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper has not only displayed his entrepreneurial success but host a show where he allows others to display theirs. Artist, politicians, authors, street legends and more have and will continue to advance their stories with RomeYaFavoriteRapper on “Entrepreneur Talk”.

Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper has a unique edge on the game, on top of his already unmatched work ethic Rome has an ability to attract big names not only to his music but to his show “Entrepreneur Talk”. He has interviewed big names like Tracy Lee a legendary MC, Freeway Rick Ross a legendary Entreprenuer, Bandit The Rapper, K Walker super star battle rapper and artist, Dapper Dan a fashion icon, Cassidy and more. Giving us the history, motivation and sometimes even the blue print to how to build your brand, company or name.

Being InTouch with people across all industries, Jewelers, Politicians, bloggers, A&r’s, super producers and even up and coming individuals who are looking to put their brand amongst the elite. RomeYaFavoriteRapper has over 100k views on his show and quickly climbing. Rome being able to maintain solid conversations, bring out stories that have never been told before and really stays in touch with the now. Rome being an artist first has a solid understanding of how to entertain and educate at the same time which keeps all of his productions in high regards. Personality is everything in todays social media camera happy world and RomeYafavoriteRapper is definitely a top personality in the city of Philadelpia.

Shooting music videos, exec for Island Def Jam, rapper song writer engineer, award winning actor, photographer and father are a list of a few of the jobs RomeYaFavoriteRapper actively maintains and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Being an on road production team for many celebrities has given Rome the hands on experience to take on any job or task in this entertainment world.

Years later after touring, acting in movies winning awards, interviewing stars, releasing albums and music videos, performing, traveling, hard work dedication ambition and a attitude for success Rome is finally in a lane of his own and ready to attack the industry. Taking a passion and dream to a business and taking his music career to another level every day. This is what they been missing Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper is someone special and underrated by far but worth a sacrifice for any label or company. For more visit

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Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson
3 years ago

This is a dope article on Romeyafavoriterapper