Former district attorney accused of hindering the killer’s prosecution in Ahmaud Arbery’s case

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Following the guilty verdict of three men in Ahmaud Arbery’s murder, Twitter users focused on the matter of Jackie Johnson. The former district attorney of Georgia’s Glynn County is out on debenture after being imprisoned. She logged on charges related to her improper handling of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder case.

Johnson was charged with intrusion and oath offenses in relation to accusations. She purposefully deferred the detentions of Travis McMichael, Greg McMichael, and William Bryan Junior. Prosecutors and Arbery’s parents suspect she was attempting to keep the individuals from having a trial.

According to reporters, McMichaels and Bryan had seen Arbery running in the neighborhood on 23 February 2020. They jumped in their pickup to follow him back, believing he was a robber. Resulting in a huge brawl, and Travis fired his gun, shooting and killing Arbery.

They were claiming that they killed him in self-defense. Culprits were roaming around for around three months with no arrest. Johnson was violating the oath credentials, as she was showing affection and favor to Greg McMichael. The murderer was previously working as an investigator to the Johnson.

She was directing and obstructing the arrest of Travis McMichael. Failing in justice and dignity provision are other offenses made by Ex-Attorney. Aubrey’s mother was saying the attorney should remain in prison because she was covering up the murder.

In the event that she is found guilty of violating the oath, she may be sentenced to at least five years in jail. Additional one year jail will be sentenced to stop the arrest of one murdered.

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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