Future dispatches COVID-19 grant for college freshmen

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Future dispatches COVID-19 grant for college freshmen

Future dispatches COVID-19 grant for college freshmen

Future dispatches COVID-19 grant for college freshmen

The “I’m Still a Dreamer” grant is intended to assist understudies with arriving at their objectives in the midst of the pandemic. 

Future is proceeding to utilize his FreeWishes Foundation to offer assistance in the midst of the pandemic. On Wednesday (July 8) the High Off Life rapper reported his “I’m Still a Dreamer” grant for incoming college freshman. 

“You don’t need to be in the ideal circumstance or originated from the ideal foundation to go after your fantasies,” Future said in a press proclamation. “Notwithstanding this COVID-19 pandemic, I urge all visionaries to keep on thinking beyond practical boundaries,” 

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must live in Georgia, have at least a 3.0 GPA and be enrolled in an accredited college for the 2020 fall term. Interested students can apply by submitting a personal video detailing how Coronavirus has affected their lives. The scholarship value ranges up to $2,500.

“We recognize that numerous families have been monetarily affected by COVID-19,” Future’s mom Stephanie Jester, who helped to establish FreeWishes, included. “As we quick forward into this new atmosphere we want to keep on making dreams work out as expected and wishes materialize.” 

Recently, Future utilized his establishment to give masks to essential workers in Atlanta and past. As per Complex, the rapper’s “Cover On” battle, which teamed up with neighborhood sewing organization Atlanta Sewing Style, gave more than 100,000 masks to medical clinics and different offices. 

“We started seeing stories about doctors saying they had to reuse their masks, and then some were getting infected because they didn’t have the proper equipment. That was alarming to us,” FreeWishes Communications and Brand Strategist Abesi Manyando told Complex. “At first, we were thinking, could we order masks from somewhere? But there were absolutely no masks available—not the specific ones that the healthcare workers needed.”

Applications for Future’s “I’m Still a Dreamer” grant are expected by July 27 and the victors will be uncovered on Aug. 4. One beneficiary will likewise be granted a selective “I Am A Dreamer” hoodie.


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