“G7” visual from Tee Grizzley

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

A few days ago, Tee Grizzley dropped his latest project, Half Tee Half Beast, which includes 17 tracks and contributions from Baby Grizzley and Lakeyah. A new video from Detroit’s talent yesterday (April 20) followed a release of his new song “G7,” produced by J.R. Rotem. The song is an honest reflection of his experience on the streets and the ups and downs that come along with current success:

The accompanying video for “G7” features Tee Grizzley living each moment to the fullest, and his family and crew are right there beside him. The show shows him displaying some artillery, dropping stacks of money in the studio, delivering bars while driving behind a convoy of powerful vehicles, and much more.

Additionally, Tee Grizzley recently signed a deal with esports lifestyle brand XSET. What makes that partnership so outstanding, is the fact that it was officially signed virtually from within the confines of a Grand Theft Auto server:

The following is an official statement by Grizzley regarding the new venture:

“I am thrilled to join XSET and continue the expansion of Grizzley Gang Gaming. Gaming has always been fun for me, but now it means so much more to me. My experience has taught me that this industry can help change lives and I cannot wait to offer more opportunity to people who have faced challenges and adversity like I have.”

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