Growing demand for electric-powered cars is endless

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365 Reasons to Switch To Electric Cars 

The electric car market has doubled in the last year. Demand is skyrocketing, making it hard for companies to keep up with production without increasing costs or risking standards. Find out why people are so eager to switch to EVs, plus 365 more reasons why they are better for you and the world. 

ELECTRIC-POWERED are changing the auto industry

To begin with, electric-powered cars are zero-emission machines. Yes, they cause pollution by using data centers to be charged. But this will get better as the industry shifts towards renewable energy sources. Second, recent studies show that electric cars are cheaper to maintain than gasoline or diesel counterparts.  

The electric car industry has changed so much in recent years. It is now becoming more attainable for regular consumers to purchase an electric car. There are cheaper electric cars and luxury cars that rival the style of traditional automotive manufacturers. The Tesla Model 3 – which retails at around $45,000 US – is a sleek, stylish middle-class vehicle that permanently changes the auto industry.    

It is obvious that electric cars are the new future. Scientists are developing new battery types that can charge quickly, last longer, and cost less. It’s proven that electric cars produce less pollution and do not need to be refueled as often as gasoline-fueled cars. Considering how much we need to change our environment and save our atmosphere for future generations; it is the most intelligent decision we could make as a society. 

What’s Wrong With Gasoline Cars? 

For starters, gasoline cars produce a lot of greenhouse gases. Second, they release toxic fumes, which is why driving one means that you’re taking in more carcinogens as well as particulate matter. In addition, these cars emit more CO2 into the atmosphere, and it’s been attributed as a primary cause of climate change. Lastly, they require oil to keep running, which means excavating through the earth and spewing black soot all over the place. 

Driving in a Silent Machine: Pros and Cons in a Smart Electric Car 

Driving in a silent machine is definitely the most relaxing experience one could ever describe. Alternatively, it can be distracting to have no noise when driving. On the other hand, noise pollution is a significant problem for safety, with fatal accidents more likely to happen when there is fast-moving traffic or emergency vehicles involved in an incident.    

There are many reasons to convert your car to an electric vehicle. One such reason is noise. A smart electric vehicle has an engine that doesn’t produce the same noticeable noise as a gas engine does, and all passengers can experience tranquility and relaxation while in it. The biggest perk is the peace and quiet of driving in an electric car. It’s also worth noting no matter how physically demanding or mentally taxing your day has been, there’s minor irritation in switching to a silent machine. 

Innovation in Technologies in Inspired Vehicles 

With new products constantly being unveiled, innovation has had a large part in the advancement of electric vehicles. A prime example of this is how Tesla continuously reveals its latest products–such as the Model 3–with more safety features.   New technological innovations are being developed in the world of cars every single day. We have already seen electric engines, solar panels, and even batteries with miles-long driving range. Electric vehicles are also much cheaper to maintain when compared to traditional cars because they contain very few moving parts. 


It’s more efficient, cleaner, and less expensive. A lot is going on in the world today, so it always helps to try to do your part – even if it is smaller. Over time, your small act will add up to make the world a better place. If you’ve never given electric cars a shot before, think about seeing what they can do for you. The evidence is clear – electric cars are the future of transportation. It’s time to stop relying on fossil fuels. Join the effort to create a better world with clean energy. 

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. Jonathan is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream publications and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS. You can read more of his work by clicking here.  

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