Hemp Hop is a CBD brand rolled out by Rick Ross and James Lindsay

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The author of this article has written an introduction to the company Rick Ross and company’s James Lindsay have partnered with, Hempacco. They hope that through this venture, they will be able to disrupt the tobacco industry and spread CBD (cannabidiol) legalization across the nation. The duo believes that there is a market for hemp functional CBD-infused hemp cigarettes. 

Rick Ross and Hemp Snacks Founder Roll Out CBD Brand 

CBD, the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis plants that can help alleviate pain and reduce or eliminate negative side effects of marijuana use, is coming to life. CBD is a compound that has been known as ‘The Holiday Spice’ for its ability to boost mood and reduce anxiety.  Natural substances like oils and edibles are made from it to enhance a sense of calm and relaxation for the user. While delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal active ingredient in marijuana, is considered to be its cousin, the cannabis compound CBD is not psychoactive. 

Why is Hemp considered a game changer 

You may have heard CBD use terms like cannabis, marijuana, and hemp as part of its marketing. Cannabis sativa is the genus name of the plant, and there are two distinct species between them. Although both hemp and marijuana contain CBD, hemp has a much higher percentage of CBD, which corresponds to a low level of THC, which is significantly lower than that of marijuana. 

Hemp oil is basically the oil that’s derived from hemp seeds. I think it’s important to note that hemp oil contains no active cannabinoids, like CBD or THC. With loads of nutritional fats in it, this ingredient often appears in beauty products due to its moisturizing qualities. 

Benefits of CBD 

CBD has helped many people find relief from certain ailments and diseases, while also experiencing cognitive improvements. The most common use of CBD is through its oil, which can legally be grown in the United States. 

Rick Ross and Lindsay James are a dream team for Hempacco 

Jorge Olson, CMO, and co-founder of Hempacco welcomes the branding and monetization power of Rick Ross and Lindsay James. Understanding their global impact, the expectations are extremely high for 2022.  

With his Rap Snacks brand, Lindsay brings to the table more than twenty years of marketing and business experience. 

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