Hollywood Actress and model Eugenia Kuzmina Features On A Wilde Tuna Exclusive

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Eugenia Kuzmina is a Russian-American actress, comedian, and model. Her father was a renowned nuclear physicist, who was one of the first responders to the Chernobyl disaster. Her mother is a former scientist and a housewife. Eugenia grew up on food lines in Post Soviet time. She was training to be a professional ice skater when at 13 years old she was pulled out from a group of kids in her school to appear in a Russian version of SNL “Eralash.” She was then cast to appear in Chuck Norris film, but couldn’t leave the country due to visa issues. After appearing in commercials for Coca Cola, L’Oréal and Wrigley’s in Moscow, for which she was paid more than her scientist’s dad, she was noticed by a scout at Nathalie Models Europe. She signed a contract and moved to Paris at 15 to work with such brands as Cartier, Dior, Armani, Hermes, Loreal, Vogue among many others.

Eugenia takes us on a journey from being a rebel as a child chasing dreams to be a model and actress. Growing up in Russia Eugenia explains how censorship and expression was being suppressed. Freedom of speech was restricted and was often punished for expressing herself. From cutting her school uniform into a bikini to being a featured model featuring and partnering with top brands Eugenia has had a very interesting journey. Working with top designers in the world Eugenia has shown longevity is very possible. Featuring in films like Fury with Brad Pitt future films with Bruce Willis all while performing her own stunts.

After Ford Models, then IMG resigned her contract and moved her to the US, she was noticed by Rodrigo Prieto (cinematographer “Wolf Of Wall Street,” “Babel”) to appear in his directorial debut opposite Elle Fanning “Likeness.” The movie was screened at Tribeca Film Festival and received excellent reviews. John Turturro cast Eugenia to play opposite him in a film with Woody Allen “Fading Gigolo.” Recently Eugenia worked opposite Bill Murray in “Rock The Kasbah”, Milla Kunis and Christina Applegate in “Bad Moms “, Guy Ritchie’s ” The Gentlemen “. Eugenia’s Tv credits include ” Spy City “, “True Blood,” “New Girl,” “Castle,” “The Comeback,” “Lady Dynamite”,” Tour De Pharmacy “, and more.

Eugenia is very passionate about comedy and writes and performs Stand Up regularly at The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory. Her other hobbies include motorcycles, doing her own stunts, languages (French, Portuguese) , and supporting environmental causes around the world. Continuing her career after many battles mental physical and more she expresses being a better you and don’t compare. Eugenia also has found the balance of family and work, and prides herself on being able to keep it all in order. Base your value on real things and keep your authenticity.

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