IAMRE$T ascends to a higher Hip-Hop level inside the House of Hits Studio

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Latest, UNCUT DIAMONDS | 2 comments

The power of personal elevation is indescribable.

Elevating your talent or skillset in life requires a truthful emotional and psychological audit of oneself. Digging deep inside your fears, insecurities, doubts, and failures requires rhinoceros skin.

Advancing your ability to unthinkable heights in life commands unnatural sacrifice, amnesia, military-grade discipline, and panoramic vision. Employees can only see the surface of life. Visionaries see life through multiple lenses of optimism.

Natural-born leaders transform darkness into rainbows and deflect pain with every step forward. Every second spent breathing on this earth, Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur IAMRE$T is laser-focused on ‘ELEVATION.’

Leaders are born with an ultra-beam light and invisible pressure only they can understand. IAMRE$T reflects all three sides of America. The good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Being born inside a two-strike system, IAMRE$T’s life was never designed to be typical.

Traveling down unimaginable terrains in life, IAMRE$T became comfortable with being uncomfortable in this America.

Embracing change is the beginning of evolution.

IAMRE$T definition of freedom is much different from the average person’s. Freedom in the mind of IAMRE$T means controlling his narrative, finances, family living circumstances, and movement. Submitting to a traditional 9 to 5 job and retiring at 65 was never a true dream of IAMRE$T.

Understanding his God-given ability forced his hand to live life at a higher altitude. Eating chilled imported shrimp at 2pm on a Tuesday at Moxies on South Beach and sipping on Ace of Spades champagne simultaneously are life goals of IAMRE$T.

He recently recorded new material inside the House of Hits Studio in Miami. House of Hits Studio is the 10th Wonder of the World. Music icons and Hip-Hop elite transform their thoughts into musical treasures inside House of Hits Studio. IAMRE$T ascends to a higher Hip-Hop level inside the House of Hits Studio.

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Xay Way
Xay Way
1 year ago

Manifest it bro, We Up!

Saj The Artist
Saj The Artist
1 year ago

inspiring and motivational!💎💎