Ice Spice Unleashes High-Energy Visual for “Deli” from ‘Like..? (Deluxe)’, Keeping the Bronx Spirit Alive 

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

Ice Spice, the rising Bronx emcee, is on fire as she treats fans to the deluxe edition of her breakout EP, “Like..?” The updated version features 11 electrifying cuts, including the chart-topping hit “Princess Diana,” featuring the iconic Nicki Minaj

On July 26, Ice Spice sets the streets ablaze once again with a sizzling new visual for “Deli,” a hard-hitting offering backed by the talented RIOTUSA. True to her signature style, the track showcases Ice Spice’s raw and unapologetic lyricism, delving into topics such as her financial prowess and irresistible sex appeal. 

The enthralling “Deli” music video, co-directed by Frederick Buford and Ice Spice herself, masterfully encapsulates the true essence of the Bronx, presenting it with a raw and authentic touch. The day begins with Ice Spice and her crew partying with friends and flaunting stacks of money in a vibrant Manhattan bodega. As the sun sets, the celebration spills out onto the streets, drawing a massive crowd into the pulsating rhythm of the music. 

Ice Spice’s undeniable charisma and magnetic energy are on full display in “Deli,” leaving viewers captivated and yearning for more. Her ability to embody the spirit of the Bronx and infuse it into her music sets her apart as a truly unique and trailblazing artist. 

The EP’s fusion of hard-hitting beats and candid storytelling resonates with fans across the globe, earning her widespread acclaim and recognition. As Ice Spice continues to make her mark on the music industry, her authentic and unapologetic approach remains a breath of fresh air in a world of conformity. With “Deli” and the deluxe edition of “Like..?” leading the charge, Ice Spice is undoubtedly on a trajectory towards superstardom. 

The “Deli” visual serves as a testament to Ice Spice’s commitment to staying true to her roots while breaking new ground in her artistry. As the Bronx spirit comes alive in every verse, fans eagerly anticipate what’s next from this rising star. 

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