In his latest music video, Rich Homie Quan takes a spin

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Latest, Music News, New Music Alert | 0 comments

To celebrate his birthday, Rich Homie Quan released the Family & Mula project in October. In addition to eight songs, NoCap contributed a single feature to that album. This album was produced by such names as Yo Benji, DunDeal, Firas Quick, 2Tall, Teezyi, and more. Rich Homie Quan released the official Reloaded upgrade for the project last Friday (November 18), which added seven brand-new tracks.

There is no doubt that family comes first with this album, as the Atlanta emcee has just released the official video for Family & Mula Reloaded’s track, “Spin.” The video was backed by The Wizard, and it shows the Atlanta-based rapper driving through the city in a drop top car while spitting his bars.

As previously reported, the rapper “Type Of Way” recently opened up to Sway Calloway about how his lyrics have evolved since he compared them to the impact they will have on his children with the lyrics he has been rapping. “I am careful about what I say,” he said. “My children are growing older. In light of the fact that people are able to search for me on Google, I am concerned about what I express in my songs. ‘Cause I know they are listening. Therefore, so when they’re listening to the songs, their thought process is likely to be, ‘My daddy Rich Homie said that.’ Because of this, I don’t want to give them songs that are meant to shoot ’em up bang bang.”

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